Data Structures and Algorithms in Python

Boost your programming skills with our advanced study unit! Designed for professionals in the information technology sector with existing knowledge in programming languages or computer architecture, this study unit equips you with powerful problem-solving abilities for application development. Learn to handle complex problems, model them using efficient data structures and algorithms, and understand algorithm complexity. Topics covered include algorithm analysis, dynamic programming, data structures, sorting, graph algorithms, and more. Engage in lectures, homework assignments, course projects, and reading materials. Evaluation is based on exams and project results. Enhance your career as a programmer and conquer work challenges head-on. Enroll now!


The students will learn a powerful skill for their career as programmers.
This course will directly help them to face challenges in their work.

To you, who

For you who is working within the information technology sector and already possesses knowledge in any modern programming language or computer architecture.

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After completion of this course you will be able to handle complex problems in application development. Model the problem in correct data structures and applying efficient algorithm to solve the problem and know how complex an algorithm is in terms of O(N) expression. The student then understands the importance of choosing correct algorithm to solve the problem.

  • Algorithm analysis: the ”Big-O”notation 
  • Dynamic programming and recursion 
  • Stacks, queues, deques 
  • Linked lists (singly- doubly- circularly-) 
  • Trees, maps, and Hash tables 
  • Sorting and selection 
  • Graph algorithms (Minimum-spanning tree, Dijakstra, etc.) 

Mode of Teaching and Methods

  • Lectures 
  • Homework assignments 
  • Course project 
  • Reading 

Study Material

  • Self-organized PowerPoint slides


Evaluation: Exam and project result. Numerical.

Schedule and Location

  • Online lessons held in Zoom.


Chao Gao

Principal Lecturer

School of Technology | Information Technology

+358 207 663 322

Data Structures and Algorithms in Python


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