EXAM – electronic exam

EXAM is an electronic exam service that allows you to independently complete maturity tests and exams that the teacher has defined as being completed electronically. The exam is possible to complete during VAMKs opening hours in the EXAM room. The facility has camera surveillance.


Oppening hours

Weekdays    8-20

Saturday      8-16

Check the exceptional opening hours

EXAM - exam-mode


(Opposite of festivall hall)

Main building

Exam registration

Exam registration

  • Register for the exam at exam.vamk.fi/en – sign in with your VAMK student ID.
  • Registering for the maturity test:
    • Log in to the EXAM system
      Agree on taking the maturity test with your supervisor
      When the supervisor has added your maturity test, it will automatically appear on your Dashboard – select Book an exam time
  • Registration for the exam:
    • Select Exams from the side menu and enter the course code, the name of the exam or the name of the examiner in the search field. Click Register.
  • Select Book an exam time. Choose Exam room in Reservation information -page. Pick a suitable time from the calendar. Confirm your booking.
  • You will receive a booking confirmation by email. The reservation appears to your dashboard.
  • NOTE! The exam location, i.e. the computer number (e.g. Exam-01) must be remembered when entering the exam room.
Exam visit at VAMK

Exam visit at VAMK

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences’ EXAM exam room is located on the second floor of the main building (Wolffintie 30) opposite the Festival hall. You can enter through the main doors, from which, if you walk to the right, you will find the stairs to the upper floor, where the EXAM exam room is located.

Problem situations:

  • If the door of the EXAM exam room does not open, the janitor can open the door. The phone number of the janitor on duty can be found on the door of the exam room.
  • In case of problems occurring during the exam, contact your own university and report the problems by e-mail to the address exam@vamk.fi.
Exam visit at another University

Exam visit at another university

You can take the EXAM in another university’s EXAM space.

Before booking the exam:

  • Check with the examiner whether it is possible to take the exam or maturity test with the EXAM exam.
  • See the colleges that allow exam visits and the college-specific instructions
  • Check the opening hours of the exam facilities of the university you are visiting, access rights (e.g. how to get to the exam premises), special arrangements, etc.
  • If your password is older than 2023-03-02 (missing performed authentication level) please fetch a new password from passwd.vamk.fi. Otherwise there’s a risk the system does not let you perform the exam. Some universities require this.

Booking an exam in another university’s EXAM exam room:

  • Log in to VAMK’s EXAM system and apply for the exam you want to register for.
  • Select Book an exam time.
  • On the booking calendar page, under Select an educational institution, select the link Exam appointment booking at an external educational institution.
  • From the menu, select the university whose EXAM space you want to make a reservation for.
  • After selecting the exam space, you will see the booking calendar.
  • Choose a suitable time and confirm the reservation.
  • Please remember to cancel or change the exam reservation if you cannot take the exam. See the instructions: Canceling the exam or changing the time
  • You will receive a booking confirmation in your email
  • Before the exam, check the instructions for the EXAM room of the university you are visiting:
    • Where is the location of the EXAM room?
    • How do you access the space?
    • Where can you leave your personal belongings?
    • Instructions
    • Control principles
  • Allocate plenty of time before the exam to find the exam room and make practical things go smoothly
  • In the exam room, log into the EXAM system with your own university’s HAKA credentials.

Problem situations:

  • In matters related to university-specific matters (e.g. the door of the exam room, the equipment of the exam room or the functionality of the computers), follow the instructions of the visiting college and report exam@vamk.fi.
  • In matters related to the exam, contact the examiner and  exam@vamk.fi.
Cancelling or changing the exam time

Cancelling or changing the exam time

  • Select Registrations
  • Select the pencil image in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Select Change exam time, which allows you to choose a new time for the exam
  • Select Remove reservation, and the exam reservation will be removed
  • Please cancel the exam in time so the computer is available for others to use
  • Select Reservation, click three dots (…) and then Edit registration
  • Select Remove the booking and Confirm by choosing Yes, which will allow you to select a new time for the exam
  • Select Cancel the registration and Confirm by choosing Yes, which will cancel the exam reservation
Use of the exam room

Use of the exam room

  • Entrance through door WA2036
  • Information about class computers:
    • 10 computers
    • Microsoft Edge browser – access to the exam system only
    • No Windows desktop (e.g. Excel and Word are not used)
    • Support for exam appendices: .pdf files
  • In the entrance hall of the exam room there is a locker with a lock and instructions for use
  • NOTE! You may not take a phone, smart watch or other personal items into the exam room


Special arrangements in the exam

If you have any questions about EXAM, please contact us by email exam@vamk.fi.