Specialisation Courses


Deepen your expertise

Do you want to deepen and broaden your specialist expertise in your field or head for the most demanding specialist jobs? If you already have a university degree and a professional career, this is the right course for you.

Specialisation courses at universities of applied sciences are post-graduate qualifications. They are aimed at professionals who are already in the workplace and who need training that promotes professional development and specialisation. Specialisation courses respond to skills needs identified jointly by universities of applied sciences and working life.

Specialisation Courses are designed for specialists who are heading for more demanding tasks.

A person who has completed an appropriate university degree, or who the university of applied sciences considers to have sufficient knowledge and skills for the studies, can be admitted as a student to specialisation courses at universities of applied sciences.

Specialisation courses are long-term: at least 30 credits. The aim of the specialisation courses is to enable students to build on their educational background and professional experience:

  1. be able to perform demanding specialist tasks in a defined area of professional life
  2. achieve the in-depth specialised knowledge or multidisciplinary mastery required for professional competence
  3. be able to evaluate and develop professional practices in their field of specialisation on the basis of research or artistic methods
  4. be able to work in communities and networks as an expert in his/her field of specialisation