Your feedback is very important for us

All feedback and observations related to our operations and services are very important for us by the view of continuous and systematic development work of our services.

Below you will find more detailed descriptions of our different feedback channels.

We are also very happy to receive feedback and development wishes through word of mouth.

As a student You can give us feedback by several ways

Course feedback, Spark

All our VAMK students are asked for feedback on all our courses after the course has ended. The feedback surveys are integrated into the Pakki-system and links to the courses for which feedback can be given are displayed on the student’s desktop.

As a student who has completed the course, the student’s assessment of the quality of the course is very important for us for developing the courses to meet the expectations and wishes of our main customers, our students. I.e the contents of our courses are reviewed and developed based on the feedback received.

The questions are:

  • Scale questions (scale 1-7)The learning objectives of the course were clear
  • The working methods used supported my learning
  • My participation in the course was active
  • The workload of the course was appropriate (please specify in the open answer if necessary)
  • The course had a strong link with working life
  •  Open:
    • What things work particularly well on the course?
    • How could the course be improved?
    • The course was very good and I can recommend it to others (1-7)
    • 1= strongly disagree ….. 7= strongly agree

At the end of the feedback period, the teacher will give feedback and the student will see the feedback given to the scale questions of the whole group, if they have answered the questions themselves.

More detailed instructions on how to provide feedback can be found here:

Student guide (coming soon)

Instructions in video format:

Ohje opiskelijoille/Instructions for the students

Ohje opettajille/Instructions for the teachers

Yearly Student Radar

Every year, in the spring time, we are sending a customer satisfaction survey to our students by e-mail. The aim of the survey is to find out general satisfaction towards VAMK as well as satisfaction to ​studying in VAMK.

The summary report of the received feedback are both passing through the management group and the quality work group. The summary is also sent for all our inner stakeholder groups for needed development actions and measures. Based on the feedback, a development plan is drawn up, which defines measures for the development of teaching and our services. The development plan is monitored regularly by the quality manager and the parties involved.

Student feedback survey on the graduation phase of polytechnics (AVOP)

At VAMK, the student’s graduation process starts by completing the national student feedback survey (AVOP) in the VALO service.

With this broad and comprehensive survey is meant to measure the entire experience during university of applied sciences studies. Collected feedback is an important part of the national and local development of Finnish universities of applied sciences well as the development’s database. The results also have an impact on the guidance and funding of education at universities of applied sciences nationwide.

The AVOP questionnaire was developed as a joint project of the Rectors’ Council of Universities of Applied Sciences Arene, the Finnish Students’ Association SAMOK, the Foundation for Research in Learning and Education (OTUS) and the Ministry of Education and Culture (OKM). Arene ry is responsible for the development of the questionnaire. Statistical reports derived from the results of the survey are openly available on the Education Administration’s statistical service Vipunen.

AVOP results in Vipunen