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Our location at the heart of global business, in the entrepreneurial Ostrobothnia region, gives us a leading position to meet the challenges of the changing world. We listen carefully to the business world and its needs. Our multidisciplinary research and development work combines our expertise in Engineering, Business, Social and Health sciences and Design to provide a multidisciplinary response to society’s complex problems.

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences continuously strengthens and expands its research, development, and service activities as part of our national and international networks. Our university actively collaborates with local stakeholders in the region.

We have a long-standing tradition of research and development, as well as project partnerships. The core of our expertise lies in multidisciplinary knowledge and excellent understanding of the local business environment. We strongly emphasise sharing expertise and collaboration through tangible projects.

Research Service Days 2024

Research service days is an annual event for experts in research and development funding, innovation services, open science and other research management at universities, universities of applied sciences and research institutes. This year we’ll meet in Vaasa at the University of Vaasa. The University of Vaasa and Vaasa University of Applied Sciences organise the days together.

  • Conference days: Thursday & Friday 22–23 Aug 2024 (Wed 21 Aug networking afternoon)
  • Location: Vaasa, Palosaari campus, University of Vaasa and VAMK premises

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RDI Activities

RDI Activities at VAMK

RDI Activities at VAMK

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences' Research, Development, and Innovation (RDI) activities are an integral part of the university's comprehensive mission and contribution to societal development.

VAMK’s Research, Development, and Innovation Platforms

These platforms serve as meeting points for research, businesses, communities, and public entities. They provide practical solutions for sustainable development, business models, well-being services, and smart living. The platforms operate in a phenomenon-based and multidisciplinary manner to ensure that fresh knowledge is rapidly and seamlessly put into practice.

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Daniel Sahebi

Leader of the Smart Business RDI Platform
+358 207 663 656

Tiina Rinta-Rahko

Leader of the Smart Industry RDI Platform
+358 207 663 657

Riku Niemistö

Leader of the Smart Well-Being RDI Platform
+358 207 663 396

Marja-Riitta Vest

Director, RDI and Service Business
+358 207 663 500