For Parents & Guardians

Why VAMK for Your Child?

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Work-life Oriented Education

Providing quality education ensuring the students to be prepared for professional life.


Safety & Accessibility

A safe campus area located in a true student city with everything accessible in a short distance.


High Employment Rate

Plenty of career opportunities available for students leading to overall high employment rate.

Supporting Your Child to Apply

Supporting your child to apply for their studies is a significant and exciting journey. As a parent or guardian, your guidance and encouragement play a crucial role in helping your child make informed decisions and navigate the complex application process. Here are some VAMK tips you can do as a parent to support your child for their study application:

  • V – Verify Area of Study: Understand which area of study your child wishes to pursue and research the various methods of application. Explore our range of study programs available in English here at VAMK.
  • A – Adhere to Deadlines: Make sure to keep track of the deadline dates for application, as well as the submission of necessary documents and payments to ensure a smooth application process.
  • M – Mentorship and Guidance: Offer mentorship and guidance to your child as they navigate the application process.
  • K – Keep Practical Matters in Mind: Be mindful of practical matters such as housing, finances, scholarship and transportation options.
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Home Away from Home

We understand that sending your child off to university in a foreign country is a significant step, and as parents or guardians, you want to ensure they have all the necessary support and resources available. That is why At VAMK, we have various kinds of support to make the student feel at they are at a second home. Whether they need support in terms of studies, career coaching, social life, and so on we have a variety of supports. Below are some support and contacts that may be helpful for your child: