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Smart Business focuses on promoting business innovations and sustainable growth. The platform combines the latest technologies with business expertise to support companies in their development and transformation processes. The Smart Business platform particularly highlights the opportunities of digital transformation, sustainable development, and new business models.

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Accelerating Business Growth

The goal is to support companies in developing innovations and new business models, enabling them to grow and thrive competitively.

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Integrating Technology and Business Expertise

We aim to combine the latest technologies with best business practices, enabling companies to effectively leverage the opportunities of the digital era.

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Networking and Collaboration

We encourage companies and experts to network and collaborate, creating new opportunities for innovation and business development.

Daniel Sahebi is a lecturer in the Business Department at VAMK, holding a degree in mechanical engineering and profound expertise in industrial engineering. His master’s degree in industrial engineering and his doctoral degree in logistics and supply chain management from the University of Vaasa provide a solid foundation for his role as the Smart Business Platform Leader. Sahebi’s work at VAMK combines technical expertise with insights into industrial engineering, enabling the development of innovative and sustainable business models. He is dedicated to bridging the gap between theory and practice, providing students and partners with valuable knowledge and skills essential in the modern and ever-evolving business environment.

“I believe that sustainable development and smart technology are crucial in shaping the future of business. At VAMK, we have a unique opportunity to integrate these elements as we educate the next generation of leaders,” says Sahebi.

His passion for business management, logistics, and supply chain management extends beyond academia; he actively participates in the development of regional and international projects that promote smart and sustainable business practices.


Daniel Sahebi

Principal Lecturer

School of Business | Business Economics | +358 207 663 656

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Daniel Sahebi

Smart Business R&D Platform Leader
+358 207 663 656

Marja-Riitta Vest

Director, R&D and Business Services
+358 207 663 500

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