Schedule for Academic Year

Schedule for Academic Year

Commencement of studies

  • Teaching begins on 8 January 2024 for spring semester 2024
  • New degree students (full-time) commence on 2 September 2024 
  • New Degree students (blended, master) commence on 30 August 2024
  • Teaching begins on 7 January 2025  for spring semester 2025

Enrollment for the academic year

  • Changes for spring semester (2024) enrollment, latest by 10.1.2024.
  • Enrollment period for academic year 2024-2025 is 1.4-6.9.2024 on student desktop (PAKKI).
  • Changes for autumn semester enrollment must be made latest by 6.9.2024.
  • Changes for spring semester  enrollment, latest by 10.1.2025

Enrollment for courses

  • Spring 2024: 1.12.2023-12.1.2024
  • Autumn 2024: 1.8-6.9.2024
  • Spring 2025: 1.12.2023-13.1.2025


Graduation dates

Avoinamk dex skills

Master School orientation and studies starts 30.-31.8.2024

Master School studies begin on Friday 30.8. at 12–18 with a joint orientation day at Finland’s most beautiful university campus in Palosaari, Vaasa!

You will meet your group teacher, other experts and get all the information you need to start your studies successfully. In addition, according to feedback from our alumni, the most important thing is meeting your new student colleagues, the network and the knowledge sharing will help you during your studies and beyond.

On Saturday, the first course of your group begins. Even if your studies are distance learning, we hope that you will participate on campus to get a head start. The meetings are held as a hybrid, so in case of unexpected situations, you can participate remotely.