Campus Area, Facilities and Parking

Finland’s sunniest campus

The VAMK campus is located on the Palosaari higher education campus, within walking distance from the centre of Vaasa. The Technobothnia education and research laboratory, the Tritonia science library, the Muova design centre and the Alere learning centre of social services and health care are located on Palosaari. The University of Vaasa and Yrkeshögskolan Novia are also on the same campus.

The campus, recognised as the most beautiful campus in Finland, is home to 10,000 higher education students.

Campus map

  1. VAMK Main Building
  2. Alere, Social and Health Care
  3. Technobothnia, Technology Teaching Laboratory
  4. Tritonia, Joint Academic Library
  5. Design Center Muova
Science library and learning centre Tritonia

Tritonia, the joint higher education library in Vaasa, is a great place not only for obtaining course literature, but also for self-study and group work.

Research and teaching laboratory Technobothnia

Technobothnia is the leading educational technical laboratory in the Nordic. Built inside the historic Finlayson cotton mill the laboratories are owned together by VAMK, Yrkeshögskolan Novia and the University of Vaasa. We cooperate closely with Vaasa regions global companies and this gives our student’s the advantage of being the first to get their hands on the newest generations of 3D printers and robots. Collaborative projects with companies are central to the learning process.

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Learning centre Alere

Alere is the joint learning centre for VAMK and Yrkeshögskolan Novia social and health care students on the Palosaari campus. Renovated to meet the demands of modern education, Alere offers students, in addition to comfortable facilities, joint teaching and teacher exchange between Finnish and Swedish courses.

Student restaurants

There are numerous student restaurants on campus, where students get the so-called meal support; a basic meal can be obtained as cheaply as around one euro. The discount can be obtained by presenting a student card or other certificate approved by Kela. The student restaurants also offer cafeteria services.