Rules And Regulations

1 § Purview

These rules and regulations are in effect within the area of Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu, VAMK University of Applied Sciences and where applicable in any other areas where education, visits, excursions or other education related activities provided by VAMK University of Applied Sciences take place. Unless otherwise stated, these rules and regulations apply to all students and members of the staff and persons staying in the area.  The area of VAMK University of Applied Sciences refers to the premises of the University and the immediate grounds.

The purpose of the rules and regulations is to maintain and improve the general security, pleasant working and studying environment, and equal treatment of people.

Along with these rules and regulations other instructions and rules concerning the operations of VAMK University of Applied Sciences apply. These instructions and rules can be found from the intranet and the study portal.

2 § General order and security

Everyone is responsible for maintaining order, internal security, and pleasant working and studying environment within the area of VAMK University of Applied Sciences.

The possession of objects or substances that can be used to harm others is forbidden within the area of VAMK University of Applied Sciences.  Factors threatening safety must immediately be reported to the janitors and to the head of security or the security planner.

Regarding the domestic animals brought into the area, the statutes of national Public Order Act are complied with.

Everyone is to comply with the instructions concerning the general order and security issued by the Security Manager.

3§ Parking and rescue passages

Motor vehicles are to be parked on the areas assigned for parking. The rescue passages must be kept clear and unobstructed at all times. Any vehicles parked on the rescue passage can be moved immediately by the decision of the Police and the expenses caused are to be paid by the owner or the holder of the vehicle. Parking violations can be subject to a fine in accordance with the Road Traffic Act 28§.

4 § Conduct

Everyone are to follow good manners and conduct politely and pertinently towards the staff, students, and visitors.

For example the following activities can be regarded as improper conduct: activity that disturbs the general order or activity that can be regarded violent, inappropriate language, discrimination or bullying, physical or verbal threatening of others and presenting someone else’s work as one’s own, and any other deception in studies.

In addition, all political, religious, and other such activities are forbidden apart from the Student Union’s election or activities of student organisations connected to the Student Union or trade unions. Everyone must follow the necessary instructions and regulations concerning public order and safety given by the safety and security manager.

5 § Intoxicants and intoxication

Appearance under the influence of intoxicants is not allowed within the area of VAMK University of Applied Sciences. The staff or employees of the security services company has the right to remove an intoxicated person or a person acting disturbingly from the area.  The use of intoxicants is however allowed in events if special permission is given. The use of intoxicants in the situations mentioned above must not, however, cause disturbance.

Whenever a student is suspected of being intoxicated, the student can be prohibited from participating in instruction or if necessary removed from the class room. Concerning the staff, the labour legislation will be complied with.

Using tobacco products (also snuff and electronic cigarettes) is allowed only outside in the places assigned for smoking. Smoking is forbidden in the vicinity of entrances.

Concerning the students’ drug testing, the Universities of Applied Sciences Act is applied.

6 § Access control

Technical access control and camera control is performed in the general areas at VAMK University of Applied Sciences to maintain security and to prove misdemeanor afterwards. VAMK University of Applied Sciences can turn over any recorded material in its possession to preliminary investigation authorities to prevent or investigate crimes. The file description of camera control is available by request.

7 § Use of educational facilities during leisure time

The use of the facilities of VAMK University of Applied Sciences for self-directed studying and leisure time activities after school hours is permitted, when following the instructions given concerning the use of the facilities and the area, timetables, reservation lists and security regulations. The person who reserves the teaching facility is responsible for tidying the facility after use.

The Rector of VAMK University of Applied Sciences, Head of Facility Services and Security Manager can forbid the use of the above-mentioned facilities and areas from single persons or groups if order or security of VAMK University of Applied Sciences so requires.

8 § Information security

On part of information security, the practices of the separate instructions by the data administration are complied with.

9§ Taking photographs

Photographing or other audiovisual recording of teaching is allowed only by permission given by the teacher and the study group in question and only for personal use for studying.

10 § Discipline and sanctions

If a student breaches these rules and regulations, s/he can be cautioned by the Rector of VAMK University of Applied Sciences in accordance with Polytechnic Act. In case the caution is not regarded as a sufficient sanction, or if the student’s activity severely endangers the safety of others, the student can be suspended by the decision of the Board of the University of Applied Sciences, as enacted in the Law. The suspended student must be given an opportunity to give his/her view on the matter before the enforcement of the suspension.

A student who disturbes teaching, acts violently or threateningly, or who endangers the life or health of others’ can be ordered to leave the teaching premises or an event arranged by the VAMK University of Applied Sciences.

The student’s right to participate in teaching can be forbidden for three working days at the most if there exists a danger concerning the safety of other student or someone working in the premises of the University of Applied Sciences caused by the student’s violent or threatening behavior or if teaching or other activities related to teaching are disturbed to excess because of student’s disruptive behavior.

On part of the staff in concerning disciplinary actions, the regulations stated in the contract of employment are complied with. If the rules and regulations are breached separately specified sanctions will follow.

The area of VAMK University of Applied Sciences is protected by non-disturbance of public premises in a way described in the Criminal Code of Finland (39/1889).  A violation of the non-disturbance of public premises can lead to consequences mentioned in the Criminal Code of Finland.

11 § Effective date

These rules and regulations replace the previous rules and regulations (5.4.2013 and 27.4.2016), and will come into effect on 5.6.2017 and are in effect until further notice.

For your own safety, check out our property rescue plans

Rescue Plans

For your own safety, check out our property rescue plans:


According to Section 3 of the Rules of Procedure of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, motorized vehicles must be parked in designated parking spaces. Rescue routes must be kept absolutely free and unobstructed. Vehicles parked on the rescue road can be removed immediately by police and the transfer costs are in principle borne by the person designated as the owner or keeper of the vehicle. Improper parking may result in a penalty under section 28 of the Road Traffic Act.

Staff have a parking sticker that is glued to the back of the car.

The City of Vaasa’s parking control is responsible for parking supervision in the area of ​​Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

Parking on Palosaari

VAMK’s and Yrkeshögskola’s Novia teaching will focus on the Palosaari campus, parking spaces are reserved for staff use. Therefore, students will need to park in street areas in the future. Students with a disability badge can park in the staff parking lot.

Campus line

Due to limited parking spaces, we recommend students to use public transport. Campus line 14, designed for students, runs through the market square, Vöyrinkaupunki and Vetokannas to the Palosaari campus three times an hour from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm. The campus can also be reached on lines 1, 2, 3 and 15 and in the mornings on special E1. The stop in front of the Yrkeshögskolan Novia is called Wolffintie 27-31 / Yrkesinstitut and the stop in front of the University is Wolffintie 34 / Yliopisto.

Students receive a discount on bus travel by presenting the institution’s certificate of full-time study. Receiving a student discount does not require you to be registered in Vaasa.

The schedules can be found in full in pdf format from the Vaasa local traffic website.

Smoking at Palosaari campus

Smoking is allowed only on designated smoking area.