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VAMK is an international UAS with 3,700 students, famous for its community spirit. Our aim is to bring together the best employers and the professionals of the future.

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Ei avoimia työpaikkoja juuri nyt.

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Want to be part of training the talents of the future and try your skills in teaching? Sign up for the VAMK Teacher Bank!

Visiting lecturers are used for substitute needs in different training courses at VAMK, as well as part of the teaching of broader courses. In addition to teaching, the role of the visiting lecturer includes course planning and assessment. The hourly rate of salary is based on the level of training.

We require that you have at least a bachelor’s degree, and relevant expertise and knowledge of the course being taught. If necessary, we can also discuss teaching remotely.

In the upcoming period, we will need to recruit teachers, especially in the following fields:

  • Economics
  • Computer programming
  • Mental health nursing
  • Mathematical subjects
  • IT
  • Industrial and power plant electrical systems
  • Power electronics
  • Theory of Strength, Fundamentals and Advanced Knowledge (bachelor’s degree level)
  • PLC and cellular controllers (bachelor’s degree level)
  • Automation control systems (master’s degree level)

Please indicate in your application which specific courses you would be interested in teaching, and how long your application will be available.

Links to the application form (in Kuntarekry):

Teacher bank for Business Computing

Teacher bank for Health Care and Social Services

Teacher bank for Technology

Further information:

Jukka Niittykoski,, p. 040 011 3956 (Business)

Riitta Häyry,, p. 050 410 1418 (Healt Care and Social Services)

Riitta Niemelä,, p. 020 7663 392 (Technology)

Seppo Mäkinen,, p. 020 7663 388  (Technology)

Open job applications

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Further information:

Anna Sjöholm, HR Manager