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Where to get an apartment in Vaasa?

When you have found out about your school place, you may have to move to your first own apartment, often also to a foreign city. Below are a few tips that you should use when looking for an apartment. When you have received an apartment offer and accepted it, please remember to also change your address to the post office and the registry office. In order to receive the housing allowance for your study support, you must inform the study support board about your rental relationship and your income. This application can be made through Kela’s electronic transaction. Please note that the benefits of a partner living in the same household can affect the amount of the housing allowance.

Affordable housing

At the cheapest price, you can rent an apartment in Vaasa for less than 300 euros, the prices of the units are around 400-500 euros.

The studios are the most requested apartments, so you may have to wait a bit for them, especially at the beginning of the academic year. You can still submit an application, and move in when a suitable apartment becomes available.


VOAS is Vaasa’s student housing foundation, which was founded in 1972. VOAS offers different and different-sized apartments to cover housing needs for the entire duration of your studies. Apartments are shared flats, studios and family apartments in different parts of Vaasa.

You can apply for an apartment all year round directly on the VOAS website by filling out an apartment application. The application is valid for 3 months from the submission of the application.

Students starting in August and September have priority in the housing queue. It is also possible to inquire about available apartments directly from the housing office, as not all available apartments are necessarily updated on the website. When applying for a family apartment, it is enough that one of the applicants is a student. whereas partner applicants must both be students and both must complete their own application.

The application should be sent to VOAS about 2 months before the need of an apartment. However, spring is the best housing market, as many students graduate and move out of Vaasa.

To the webside of  VOAS


Kiinteistö Oy Pikipruukki is the largest landlord in Vaasa.

Pikipruukki offers cozy living for different stages of life. The company’s housing stock is in good condition and versatile. In renting apartments, the company follows the cost principle. The goal is not to generate a commercial profit.

Apartment rents consist of the interest and repayments of the loans taken out for the construction of the houses and the costs caused by the maintenance of the properties.The housing stock includes homes and apartments of various sizes, such as studios, two-room apartments, three-room apartments, and larger family apartments.
Apartments can be found in different areas, and many of them are also in Palosaari near by the campus.

You can apply for an apartment directly on the Pikipruukki website by filling out the application form.
Pikipruukki’s office is located at Koulukatu 19.

More information about destinations and renting:

To the webside of Pikipruukki 

Other landlords and brokers in Vaasa?

There are several real estate agents, and here are a few listed:

  •, Many private landlords are happy to find you and may offer apartment that are not yet on the “free market” if you make a clear apartment search announcement by yourself
  • Vaasa’s home team
  • Rental home Lkv Vaasa
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Student events

During your studies, you should network, make new friends and sometimes also relieve pressure. By participating in student events, you get all three at once!

The student union VAMOK and other VAMK student organizations organize several events that have already become traditions during the academic year. Various different events are organized for new students for example. The opening of the school year, i.e. Campus Festivals, Olutpialaiset, annual celebrations, overall jogging, and the Triangel cruise, which VAMOK organizes together with four other student unions, as well as monthly pub quizzes and other parties!


“Sitsit” in other words academic table parties or song nights, are smaller and less formal than annual parties. At these table parties, guests gather around long tables to enjoy a warm meal and drinks and sing traditional student songs.

However, there are certain rules to ensure that the evening runs smoothly for everyone. For example, you may only go to the bathroom during the breaks and it is mandatory to be quiet during the program numbers and speeches.

Usually, table parties have a purpose or theme for why they are celebrated. Dressing instructions for table parties vary depending on the possible theme. The dress code can be overalls, a casual outfit, a fancy dress or a dark suit for men and a cocktail outfit for women.

Year celebrations

At the annual party, for example, VAMOK or organizations are celebrated. The dress code for the anniversary party is usually a tailcoat or a dark suit, and for women a full-length evening dress or cocktail dress.

At the anniversary celebration, we behave according to the party etiquette, but that does not exclude having fun.

Before the actual main party, the program may include an event for invited guests. During the event organizations present their greetings and hand out gifts. After the welcome toast, the three-course meal begins, during which loud schnapps songs echo from the tables. The event is run by a master of ceremonies, whose task is to maintain order. During the evening, you will also hear speeches and enjoy various performances. After the last meal and program, it is time for after party.


Exercise opportunities

In Vaasa, you can find several different exercise opportunities in indoor, outdoor, gyms, hobbies, alone or in a group.