International Mobility Services

International Mobility Services

The International Mobility Services are responsible for coordinating mobility periods of Vaasan ammattikorkeakoulu (VAMK), University of Applied Sciences. We take care of the vast partner network which extends to all parts of the world and we always keep maintaining the network suitable for our students and staff to be able to go abroad easily and to get as much as possible from their exchanges out in the world.

We also work as a safety net for our incoming exchange students. We help our international students to adapt to the Finnish education system and to the society. We arrange orientations and with the help of other VAMK staff members try to make the stay for the students as fruitful and comfortable as possible. We also help departments with practical issues of incoming teachers and other staff exchanges if needed.

And so much more… No day is like the previous one at the International Mobility Services!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Contact Information:

International Mobility Services
Wolffintie 30
FIN-65200 Vaasa

E-mail: international(at)

Contact Information International Mobility Services Staff

Ms. Tuija Tammi

Head of International Affairs


+ 358 207 663 427
+ 358 40 745 3105

Wolffintie 30, room WB 1034


Ms. Hanna Peltola

International Coordinator

  • Incoming mobility
  • Outgoing mobility, health care and social services

E-mail: hanna.peltola(at)

+ 358 207 663 382
+ 358 40 827 0477

Wolffintie 30, room WB 1031

Ms. Hannele Välipakka

Specialist, International Affairs

  • Outgoing mobility in Business and Technology


+358 207 663 666

+358 50 326 3890

Wolffintie 30, room WB 1032


Please note:

  • It is recommended to book an appointment by email to ensure we are available.

The office visiting hours are Monday 10 – 14, Thursday 10 – 14, and Friday 12 – 14. Other times (Mon-Fri) we are available by email / phone.