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VAMK collaborates with educational agents specialized in international student recruitment to Finland. Below you can find our current official partners in respective countries. Please be in touch with our partners if you would like to use their services. Alternatively, you can also apply to us directly via national joint application or possible separate application.

India & South Asia


India, UAE

Kerala India, UAE

Sri Lanka

India, Ghana, Kenya, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka & Vietnam

India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Philippines and UAE

Middle East

UAE, Qatar, Morocco, UK, India, Pakistan, China, and Sri Lanka

Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Egypt (North Africa)




Ethics and responsibility

At VAMK showing sympathy is a responsible act – we look after each other! We operate in line with our values, emphasizing humanity, equality, and ethics as integral parts of our daily activities. We operate and communicate openly and transparently about our activities. The values of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences are sympathy, openness, bold pioneeringness and customer orientation. Our ethical and responsible operations are built on this value base. The Ethical Code of Conduct guides our daily work.

We expect our collaboration partners to follow and respect our values and ethics, and engage in ethical student recruitment process.

  • Honesty and Transparency: Agents should market products and services honestly and transparently. This means accurately representing educational institutions and programs, providing truthful information to students, and avoiding deceptive tactics.
  • Respect for Consumer Rights: Agents must respect the rights of consumers, which includes providing clear and accurate information about costs, admission requirements, and other relevant details. They should refrain from making false promises or guarantees.
  • Social Responsibility: Ethical agents consider the broader societal impact of their work. They aim to balance the interests of educational institutions and students while ensuring that marketing practices contribute to the overall well-being of society.
  • Privacy and Non-Intrusion: Ethical marketing respects the privacy of consumers. Agents should refrain from intrusive or manipulative advertising tactics, such as spamming or coercive sales tactics.

Sustainable development and responsibility

Ethical Code of Conduct

VAMK follows Education Finland’s Code of Conduct

Agent Code of Conduct



Our Values


We are easy to approach. We trust and respect everyone as an individual and operate as a team.


Together, we dare to get excited, inspire, and be creative; we have permission to experiment. We develop our skills and expertise purposefully and with a future-oriented approach.


We anticipate and understand the needs and expectations of both students and the working world, to which we respond with a solution-oriented and innovative approach.


Our openness fosters societal dialogue and interaction.


Contracts, collaboration development and feedback on agents

Sirpa Rutanen

Communications and Marketing Manager

Academic Services | Marketing and Communication Services

sirpa.rutanen@vamk.fi | +358 207 663 357

Juha Vierola

Head of Student Services

Teaching and Learning Services | Student Services

juha.vierola@vamk.fi | +358 207 663 604

Marketing materials

Sanni Saari

Communications and Marketing Specialist

Academic Services | Marketing and Communication Services

sanni.saari@vamk.fi | +358 207 663 648