RDI Activities at VAMK

VAMK is the key partner in research, development, and innovation

The research, development, and innovation (RDI) activities at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences are an essential part of the university’s comprehensive mission and its contribution to societal development. Our RDI activities build a solid bridge between theory and practice, offering numerous benefits to businesses, organisations, students, teachers, and the broader society both nationally and internationally. Our multidisciplinary research and development work integrates our expertise in technology, business, social and health sciences, as well as design, enabling us to address society’s complex problems from a multidisciplinary perspective.

VAMK actively engages in addressing global challenges and serves as a strong ecosystem actor, promoting broad and deep development across various industries in our export-oriented coastal region and energy cluster.

National and International Collaboration

VAMK engages in long-term collaboration both nationally and internationally with universities and research institutions. This collaboration creates networks and opportunities that foster innovation and contribute to solving societal challenges.

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Solutions for Societal Needs

Our R&D projects aim to address the needs and challenges of society. The goal in applied research and development projects is to enhance and rejuvenate the local workforce, industries, and, more broadly, the entire society.

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Teachers' Excellence and Expertise

R&D activities provide teachers with the opportunity to apply their own excellence in practice and enhance their expertise in a changing society. They share their expertise with collaborators as well.

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Students' Opportunity to Apply Theory into Practice

R&D activities provide students with a unique opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge in practical projects. Involvement in R&D projects better prepares students for the workforce and enhances their professional skills.

RDI Program

The key themes of our RDI activities revolve around smart electrical engineering, robotics, entrepreneurship, international business, evolving social and health services, and the design of sustainable product and service systems.

VAMK aims to support regional development through transformative research, development, and innovation, strengthening the competitiveness and well-being of the region. Collaboration with diverse networks and industry partners enhances the expertise of the university, the quality of education, and the societal impact of its activities.


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Introducing RDI Platforms

VAMK contributes to building a smarter society. The research, development, and innovation platforms at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences serve as meeting points for research, businesses, communities, and public entities. They provide practical solutions for sustainable development, well-being services, and smart living. The platforms operate in a phenomenon-based and multidisciplinary manner to ensure that fresh knowledge is rapidly and seamlessly put into practice.

RDI Advisory Board

VAMK’s RDI Advisory Board consists of experienced professionals and experts with a broad understanding of RDI activities and the associated challenges and opportunities. Members represent expertise in various fields, including technology, sciences, business, and legislation, ensuring a diverse approach to VAMK’s RDI strategy. The expert group provides strategic guidance and in-depth knowledge for VAMK’s research, development, and innovation activities.

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Daniel Sahebi

Leader of the Smart Business RDI Platform

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Tiina Rinta-Rahko

Leader of the Smart Industry RDI Platform

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Riku Niemistö

Leader of the Smart Well-Being RDI Platform

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Marja-Riitta Vest

Director, R&D and Business Services
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