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An open, sympathetic pioneer

Our location in the midst of global companies, in the enterprising Ostrobothnia, guarantees us a pole position to the challenges of the changing world. We listen with a sensitive ear to the business sector and its needs in terms of training both professionals and staff. We are an agile sized university of applied sciences and famous for our good team spirit.

International and competent engineers, bachelors of business administration, nurses, as well as social and health care professionals graduate from the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. Our work-oriented studies and the vibrant Vaasa region ensure excellent opportunities for finding employment. There are approximately 3,700 students and 200 employees. In education, VAMK focuses on energy efficient technology, business expertise in export, as well as modern health care and social welfare services. We work in close cooperation with the region’s universities and with the region’s energy technology hub, which is the most significant in the Nordic countries.

An odd year 2022 – people as a resource

Our new Annual Report is now published. The year 2022 at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences was the year of pedagogical development. Besides university pedagogics, we focused also on international recruitment as well as on sustainable growth.

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Internationality has been a part of VAMK from the very beginning. The Vaasa region is one of the strongest export areas in Finland (12% of total Finnish industrial exports), and there is a great demand for people who understand international business. VAMK’s goal is to train international experts for working life in the region. Upon graduation, our students have the international experience required for an export-oriented work life.

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VAMK is an international, sympathetic university of applied sciences with 3,300 students. Our goal is to bring the best employers and future professionals together.

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Responsibility is caring for eachother

Responsibility is caring for eachother

VAMK is committed to strong ethical and responsible activities. Our goal is to build and ensure a community where everyone can trust that operations are ethically sustainable.

Safe and equal VAMK

Safe and equal VAMK

VAMK's safety goal is to be one of the safest working and studying environments in our country. With continuous safety development, we aim to improve real safety and the feeling of safety.