The purpose of the thesis is to develop your skills in critical thinking, application of knowledge, creativity, independent problem solving, and developing your own expertise, work, and professional field. With your thesis, you will demonstrate that you can operate in expert roles within your future profession.


Instructions, thesis templates, and master’s level evaluation criteria were updated on August 1, 2023, so it is advisable to read them carefully. The instructions, for example, provide more information about the reform related to the phasing of credits, meaning from August 1, 2023, onwards you will receive a ‘passed’ performance mark in three different stages in Pakki, which will change according to the final grade when the thesis is completed.

Instructions, links, and forms for completing the thesis

Writing guidelines and citation technique

The citation technique is now APA 7. In some technical fields, the number citation technique will be used. There’s a transition period for the adoption of the new writing guidelines; if you’ve already started your thesis, you can use the previous citation technique.

The updated writing guidelines, which are followed throughout the studies