Graduation dates

Graduation is generally possible on the last working day of the month. It will not be possible to graduate in July-August. The degree can be applied for after all the studies required for the degree have been completed and the assessments have been entered in the study register.

Graduation Dates in Academic Year 2023-2024

Graduation day

Graduation application

Deadline for graduation application in Valo graduation service (Student Desktop)


Deadline for all grades in Peppi, (including thesis)

29.9.2023 5.9.2023 4.9.2023
27.10.2023 10.10.2023 9.10.2023
24.11.2023 7.11.2023 6.11.2023
18.12.2023 (graduation), ceremony 15.12 (Fri) 28.11.2023 1.12.2023
26.1.2024 9.1.2024 8.1.2024
23.2.2024 6.2.2024 5.2.2024
28.3.2024 5.3.2024 4.3.2024
26.4.2024 9.4.2024 8.4.2024
24.5.2024 Graduation ceremony (Fri) 7.5.2024 6.5.2024
19.6.2024 4.6.2024 3.6.2024

Checklist for graduation

  • Submit possible credit transfer applications and transfer credits of online courses from other universities of applied sciences or universities in time before applying graduation.
  • Check that all the required courses are passed and registered (including thesis and practical training). The application for degree certificate will not be handled if course assessments aren’t registered.
  • Graduation application process starts by answering to AVOP questionnaire for graduating students. Questionnaire can be accessed through VALO-graduation service at student’s desktop.
  • Fill in the degree certificate application after the AVOP questionnaire. After answering to the questionnaire, you are redirected to VALO-graduation service.  Notice that you can log in to the AVOP- questionnaire only once.
  • The application will be processed by the study counsellor. The degree certificate and its annex will be prepared by Study Secretaries after the approval. The degree certificate is downloadable on student desktop (Atomi service) once electronically signed.
  • The graduate submits the property belonging to VAMK to the places the property was originally received from.
  • The user account is valid for seven days after the graduation. An email message about the termination will be sent to the student immediately after graduation or discontinuation.

The electronic diploma discloses the name of the graduate, the degree taken and its scope, degree title, degree programme and the date of graduation. The diploma is issued in the language of the degree programme and it is signed by the Rector (electronically).

Transcript of Records

The Transcript of Records is issued in the language of the degree programme. The transcript discloses the name of the graduate, social security number, student number, degree programme, specialisation alternative, studies completed, scope of studies and grades and information of credit transfers. In addition, the transcript discloses the language clauses, directives and other diploma markings and the title of the thesis.

Diploma supplement

The Diploma Supplement is an attachment to the diploma intended for international use. The English-language supplement provides a description of the nature, level, content and status of the qualification in the national system, and gives information on the professional status the qualification confers. Diploma Supplement is given automatically and free of charge to all graduates together with the diploma. Diploma Supplement is a part of the Europass-portfolio.


Scholarship application for graduating students

Non-EU/EEA degree students who are liable to pay tuition fee, can apply the final scholarship by submitting a scholarship application in connection with graduation. In order to receive scholarship, student must have all credits in study register and graduation has been confirmed officially at Student Services. Only students who follow normative study time are eligible to apply scholarship in connection with graduation.

Scholarship must be applied latest by the graduation date. Late applications will not be considered and student is responsible for submitting the application in time. An automated email response will be sent to student of the succesfully received application.