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Operational excellence meets service design

Is your organization aiming for improved internal processes without compromising the customer experience? Aligning Operational excellence procedures such as value stream mapping with customer-centric design approaches ensures both aspects are taken into account. Design thinking encourages creativity and empathy with customers and employees, while Lean approaches focus on efficiency and waste reduction.

When service design and operational excellence are aligned and integrated, organizations can create customer- centric, efficient, and high-quality service experiences that drive customer loyalty and operational success. It’s important to foster a culture that values both innovation and process improvement to achieve this synergy

To whom?

For industrial organizations aiming for process improvements and improved Key Performance Indicator metrics without compromising on customer satisfaction


  • Holistic understanding
  • Efficiency and Quality improvements
  • Competitive advantage
  • Customer-centric approach
  • Cross-functional collaboration
  • Performance Metrics Alignment

Operational excellence meets service design

This workshop integrates value stream mapping with customer and employee empathy to help organizations create a more holistic approach to process improvement. It empowers cross-functional participants to identify areas where internal processes intersect with customer needs, ultimately leading to enhanced customer experiences and operational excellence.

  • Identifying opportunities for improvement within your organization by value stream mapping the desired process such as production process, delivery process or quotation process to name few
  • Analyzing the value stream map to identify areas of waste, inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement
  • Conducting a customer empathy exercise using customer personas
  • Conducting an employee empathy exercise using employee personas
  • Utilizing both customer and employee empathy map with developing innovative solutions to address the improvement needs identified in the value stream map
  • Creating actionable plans for implementation

Duration 2 days – Content or/and duration can be modified according to needs of the organization

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