Renewed Right to Study

Admission Criteria for Renewed right to Study, VAMK

The admission criteria for the renewed right to study is as follows:

  1. The applicant will continue in the same or corresponding degree programme the studies he/she has started in a Finnish university of applied sciences with the aim to graduate.
  2. The number of uncompleted credits missing from the Bachelor degree is 60 cr, in Master´s degree 30 credits. If student is missing credits more then this, missing credits can be submitted in Open UAS.
  3. The original study right in Finnish UAS has started before 1.8.2015
  4. The application takes place twice a year in address
  • 1.3 – 31.5
  • 1.9 -30.11

Fill in the application form during the above mentioned application period. Enclose official attachments to the application form by the end of the application period

  • up-to-date transcript of records
  • certificate of the resignation / student certificate

The maximum period of renewed right to study is two semesters (one year). Mainly the renewed study right starts from the beginning of the next semester that follows the application period, starting from 1.8 or 1.1. The right to study can begin in the middle of the semester (the semester when the study right begins is included in the amount of semesters for the study right). Student must have a feasibility of graduation by the end of restored study right.

The student studying with renewed right to study does not have the right to enrol for non-attendance, and he/she cannot apply for discretionary extension to the studies.

In renewed Study right, students from non EU/EEA-countries are liabale to pay the tuition fee in the timetable for Vaasa UAS, more information about tuition fees for VAMK .

This separate application is included in the one study place per term provision.