Do you want to learn how to manage and develop a business?

Researched management

In International Business Management you’ll learn to how to apply modern research methods to management.

Well-executed operations

In International Business Management you’ll learn how operations are developed on the basis of research.

Tailored for you

In International Business Management you’ll learn to implement since the programme is tailored to your own expertise.

Develop your company towards an international future

  • Advance towards more demanding international positions in your career.
  • Combine work and studies by developing your company.
  • Get new perspectives for your work through studying with other professionals.

The degree programme of International Business Management prepares the international business community and the public sector for demanding expert and managerial positions. In your studies, you focus on the development of your company, which you can reflect on both in writing and in discussions with your fellow students.

You study independently and share your expertise in group work, where you also get new perspectives on your own work. You will be able to combine new theories in the field to your own experience and develop as an expert. The degree also gives a new drive to your work and opportunities for career advancement.

You will gain both theoretical and empirical knowledge to develop your own expertise.

International Business Management is equated with a Master’s degree at the university level and produces eligibility for positions that require a Master’s degree.

Studying in practice

The educational program offers a versatile blended study format, allowing students the flexibility to choose between attending sessions on campus or engaging in online learning. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for individuals who are balancing their studies with work commitments. We highly recommend participating in on-campus meetings whenever possible, as this fosters a more interactive and collaborative learning environment. Attending in person significantly enhances the opportunities for joint learning and effective communication among peers. Additionally, being physically present at the campus allows you to network with other professionals in your field, a crucial aspect for career development and growth. Engaging directly with instructors and fellow students also serves as a powerful motivational factor, keeping you engaged and focused on your academic goals. This hybrid approach to education ensures a comprehensive learning experience, combining the convenience of online access with the invaluable benefits of in-person interactions.

  • The degree programme lasts approx. 1.5 years.
  • Time-efficient and practical training.

Structure of the Studies

The scope of the studies is 90 ECTS, and the duration of the studies is about 1.5 years. The programme consists of Advanced Propfessional Studies, Business Management and Development studies, Optional Studies and the Master’s Thesis. The Thesis corresponds to 30 ECTS, which makes it the most important part of your studies.

Advanced Professional Studies 11 ECTS

  • Research Process and Communication
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Research
  • Leadership and Management

Business Management and Development 35 ECTS

  • Energy Business
  • Organizational Development
  • International Marketing
  • Service Design and Business Environment
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Project Planning
  • Project Finance and Legal Environment

Optional studies 15 ECTS

  • You can follow the planned curricula, or you may replace Sustainable leadership course with any other Master level course(s) that you have taken or want to take from our UAS or any other university. If you already have study credits, you can apply for credit approval from your study counselor after you have been accepted.

Master’s thesis 30 ECTS

Opiskelija keskiössä

You can apply to study for a Master’s degree in International Business Management if:

  • You have completed Bachelor degree in Business administration or Bachelor degree in Hospitality Management in Finland or equivalent degree completed outside Finland.
  • Additionally you have 24 months of work experience required from related field (business or tourism).

Read more about the Admission criteria


Career opportunities

Our university is located in the heart of Vaasa, which has more energy technology related companies than any other city in the Nordic countries. In our region, more than 160 companies work in the field of energy technology, and about 25 % of the employees of the Finnish energy sector work here. The overall turnover of these companies is about 5 billion euros annually, and therefore it is well justified to say that Vaasa keeps the wheels of Finland’s economy rolling!

After completing your Master’s degree, you can pursue more demanding international positions. You will be qualified for several jobs that require a Master’s degree. Studying with other professionals also offers you new perspectives for your work.

After graduation, you can also apply for Ph.D. studies in Finland or abroad.

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