Career coaching for our international talents

The Talent Coach provides free career coaching and counselling services for all international students. You can get personalised feedback, tips and advice. The coach will follow your case individually and will provide solutions to prepare you effectively and tackle your concerns on job search.

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Here are the services our Talent Coach provides for international students:

  • Support with assessment of professional goals and personal strengths.
  • Help with CV writing, CV feedback and Application letter (Cover Letter)
  • Motivation letter review.
  • Interview simulation.
  • Advice on LinkedIn profile and efficient use of LinkedIn as a job search tool.
  • Personalized training on networking, personal branding, body language, cross-cultural communication, Finnish working culture,
  • Finnish recruitment and employment processes.
  • Advice and information on entrepreneurship tools.
  • Support in language skills development.
  • Information on local and national initiatives for international talent employment.
  • General support in job search.
  • More services upon students request.
  • Mentorship.
  • Personal snd professional development.


Francis Oyeyiola

Talent Coach

VAMK – Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
Wolffintie 30, 65200 Vaasa
Student Affairs, Room B1040
+358 (0) 50 449 8027 / +358 (0) 20 766 3608

Appointment for student counselling
The reservation for appointment can be done online. Please leave your phone number on the reservation, and we will call you back!