MUOVA – Expert in Market-Oriented Design

MUOVA’s activities

Muova is a creative design organization under the banner of VAMK. Muova’s special expertise lies in innovative market-oriented design, which means the collection of market and user data and its exploitation in the development of products and services, systems, and networks. Muova with its experience and competencies conducts research, develops design methods, and applies them to new challenges.

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Design services for companies

Close cooperation with companies has made Muova an agile and competent partner for SMEs. Muova’s design services offer versatile solutions for business, product, service and brand development, regardless of company size and industry. Muova’s range of services is tailored to each company’s specific needs to support the achievement of the customer’s business objectives.

Range of services

Muova’s services are tailored to meet the different development needs of companies. Industrial design provides the tools to develop new products. Branding serves to clarify the company’s message and make it stand out from the competition, and to implement it consistently in all communications. Service design is used to design customer-oriented and value-creating service solutions.

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Miia Lammi

There is always something new to discover

It is important to work with meaningful projects with positive influence. Sustainable business and society, innovation and digitalisation have always been close to my heart and we have invested most of the time on those issues. It feels great to create new solutions which make sense weather it is a new VR tool for innovation, experiential learning platform or scientific model.
I also like paper work and calculations important in the project management. Somehow they create a suitable structure to innovative work. I have worked on these topics for almost 20 years and never been bored!

Miia Lammi
Development manager,

The link between the business and the academic world

Design Centre MUOVA has acted as a bridge builder between the academic world and the business world for 34 years. Along with staying strongly connected to the academic world, Muova uses strong research for conducting practical innovation activities. Since 1988, Muova’s task/goal has been to promote the international competitiveness of SMEs through design. Muova has created a distinctive interdisciplinary environment for research, development, education, and company cooperation. Muova cooperates closely with domestic companies and has also a strong international partner network. Muova is known as a reliable and innovative partner.

Janne Pekkala

Balancing the aesthetics and sustainability

My job is to design products and services for companies in Ostrobothnian area. Every project is different, so the work is challenging and interesting. A well-designed product has a balance of the 4 E’s: aesthetics, ecology, ergonomics and economy. It is always just as interesting to look for a solution that pleases the eye and is easy to use, but supports a successful and sustainable business


Janne Pekkala
Lead designer, MUOVA


Services for true needs

Having customers and partners from all the different industry domains, Muova’s services are tailored to meet a variety of business development needs. Having its branches spread across the fields of industrial design, branding, and service design, Muova provides tools for the development of new products, acts as the clarifier of the company’s message, and its consistent implementation in all communication and in generating customer-oriented service solutions.

Tommi Siljamäki

The versatility keeps me going

The best thing about my job is versatility. I get to do design, research and learn something new every day. My work consists of developing products, services, brands and processes for many types of companies from different fields. The work is inspiring and especially when it is with small companies, the results of the work are visible quickly.


Tommi Siljamäki
Design manager, MUOVA


What's Up?

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What’s up, Annika Hissa, director of Design Centre Muova?

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