International Picnic & Grill

International Picnic & Grill

The school yeah has started. Although you are concentrating on your studies, there is a need to also socialise. Hence, we have planned the following social events for you.

  • Picnic & Grill: Outdoor event to say goodbye to Finnish Summer and welcome the autumn/Winter. Dress well (gloves/pipo/Scarf) and bring something to grill. The date is 13.10 from 15:00 – @ Onkilahti Park.
  • International Dinner: Bring something from your country to share with your classmates and other internationals students and staff. Date is 27.10 from 15:00 – 18:00 @ VAMK Festival Hall room A2046.

    Sign-up here for your participation in Picnic/Grill and the International Dinner.


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