Energy Business

Join our Energy Business study course and get familiar with renewables, energy production, energy storage and virtual power plants!


After completion of this course the student will understand how energy business is managed. 

Target group

Students who have completed their bachelor degree and want to understand the basics of energy business at different stages of the energy chain. 

Description Teachers


The student understands the basics of energy business at different stages of the energy chain (source, production, distribution, and consumption). The student is familiar with the opportunities and limitations of the renewable energy business. After the course, the student also understands the main principles when selling electricity or heat.

  • Energy sources and most common power plant types
  • Distribution of electricity and heat including Smart Grids
  • Energy consumption including demand response + energy storage options
  • Electricity and capacity markets in Finland

Notice! This course is a Master’s level course. You need to have a suitable bachelor’s degree to be able to join this course.

Mode of Teaching and Methods

  • Blended teaching, real time web lectures and assignments 

Study Material

  • Provided during the course by the lecturers.


Evaluation: 1-5.

Schedule and Location

  • Lessons in the Zoom platform. Lecture dates will be announced later.

More information about the course

Principal lecturer: Ossi Koskinen

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Ossi Koskinen

Principal Lecturer

School of Business | Business Economics

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Energy Business


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