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Ossi Koskinen

Ossi works as principal lecturer in VAMK's Business Administration unit teaching mainly different leadership and management-related courses.

Featuring our top mentors – Ossi Koskinen

Research and development in the energy sector is Ossi Koskinen’s passion. Koskinen, who works as a principal lecturer in VAMK’s business administration unit, has a doctorate in business sciences and did his dissertation on management. In 2006, however, a flame was ignited in the management team of the joint energy institute of VAMK, ​​the University of Vaasa and Novia, which has not dimmed.

“My own interest is strongly linked to the environment. Global warming is a fact, and in order to slow it down, renewable energy solutions and related technologies, such as energy storage, must be developed more strongly. The region has excellent conditions for developing new business models as well, and the Smart Industry platform can be an important partner there as well.”

1. Please present yourself shortly and your role in VAMK Master School?

I have been a principal lecturer since 2010 teaching mainly different leadership and management-related courses. I have been active in the field of RDI and have been leading seven projects in Vamk. Before my teaching career, I was 15 years in different leading positions. After completing my doctoral studies in 2005 in the field of business administration my main interest has been in the energy industry (wind power, energy storage, hydrogen economy). Within the Master School, I have been teaching both business students and students in health care.

2. How do you see your role as a teacher in VAMK Master School?

I have enjoyed greatly my time to be teaching at the Master’s level. The students are motivated and have usually much experience from working life, which makes both studying and instructing more interesting. I am very grateful both for the numerical and written feedback from the students, it motivates and inspires me.

3. What kind of pedagogical principles and solutions do you use?

I try to provide a good mixture of theory and practical knowledge. I try also to find a good balance between lecturing and workshops. I think that it is important to have different sources of information in the courses like journal articles, videos by specialists, literature etc.

4. What kind of concrete examples can you give about the collaboration between VAMK Master School and working life?

The majority of the students are coming from working life and their own experiences and reflections during the course are very valuable and enrich significantly the courses.

5. Why would you encourage potential applicants to choose VAMK Master School?

We do our very best to provide you with competencies for working life without forgetting the theoretical background.

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