Our alumni story - Project Management


Rami Kolmonen

“Quite soon after graduation, I was offered a new position to lead the project management team. So, I've been able to take on more responsibility and to contribute to the greater project management context.”

Valuable insights and broader knowledge to support career growth

Project Management studies at VAMK helped Rami advance in his career. Rami feels he gained a lot of additional insight into the scientific side of project management and got support on how to apply it to his own work at a practical level.

“I am very pleased that I was given the opportunity to do this degree. It gave me a much broader knowledge of project management which I have been able to put into practice to this day.”

Rami is from Vaasa and in 2003 he finished a Bachelor’s degree in industrial economics from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. After graduation he worked in Sweden for a local Nokia subcontractor but after a year he returned to Vaasa and has worked for Wärtsilä since that. In total, Rami has over 18 years of experience in the energy and marine industry, including more than 10 years in project management roles both as an individual and team leader.

Rami has been interested in project management throughout his career and has also read a lot of literature on the subject. When he learned about VAMK Master School Project Management programme it felt only natural to apply.

“In a way I was already studying for my own pleasure in my spare time. However, I saw the value of the programme in the well-designed programme and topics. Also, the opportunity to hear about the different practices of other students and their experience in the world of project management”, Rami explains.

Added value to own work through course assignments

Rami does not regret about the decision to study an additional degree while working.

“I am very pleased that I was given the opportunity to do this degree. It gave me a much broader knowledge of project management which I have been able to put into practice to this day”, Rami rejoices.

The teachers’ experience and expertise, both from a scientific and a practical level, was useful. What Rami found particularly beneficial were the examples from the working world that the teachers successfully applied to give a broader understanding of project management. Rami feels that the teaching style was clear, and he found the topics of the homework assignments interesting.

“I found the whole structure and topics of the programme to be well chosen and valuable, at least to my own working environment. The materials were top notch, both the self-study and the lecture materials provided. In addition, the face-to-face learning sessions were valuable and interactive.”

Combining work with studies worked well and Rami did several course assignments and the final thesis for the company he works for. This allowed him to add value to his own work as well as to his company from the very beginnings of the studies. The thesis work process was smooth, and Rami felt very supported by the supervisor.

“In particular, the support and guidance I received from my own thesis supervisor was very valuable to my growth and I am grateful for it”, Rami says.

A tip for those considering studying: Organise your work and allow time for wellbeing as well!

According to Rami, combining work with studies is comparable to project management.

“It requires strong ownership, planning, collaboration and staying on schedule. With these things you can at least make it easier”, Rami explains laughing.

It is also important to discuss and align your study plan with your loved ones and with your employer. It’s useful to organise enough time to complete your studies in order to stay on schedule.

“However, remember to allow time for other things as well to maintain balance and your own wellbeing”, Rami ends.

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