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The purpose of the publication activities is to make the operations of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences visible. With publications written from all the sectors, we communicate about education, as well as about the results generated in the course of research and development work. There are a total of three publication series.

VAMK's publication series

In Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, open publication is encouraged, and parallel storage is a part of the university's processes. In publication, mainly open publication channels are used. The publications prepared by the personnel are parallel stored in the Theseus publication archive. Parallel storage only applies to type A – D publications within the scope of consents allowed by the publisher. VAMK's sections of publication series are stored in the Theseus publication archive. VAMK's Energiaa online magazine is published under an Open Access principle.

Energiaa - online newspaper

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VAMK's Publishing Committee

The purpose of the Publishing Committee is to distribute scientific information, project results and teaching materials. In this way, we serve education and business needs, and strengthen the expertise of organisations, private persons and Vaasa University of Applied Sciences staff. The publishing operations support the education process, as well as the research and development assignment.


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