Recognition and validation of prior learning – RAVPL (AHOT)

Recognition and validation of prior learning – RAVPL (AHOT)

The student has a possibility to apply for recognition and validation of prior learning, irrespective of how, where and when the learning has taken place. When recognizing the learning, the student’s skills and knowledge are compared with the learning outcomes described in the curricula of VAMK (see VAMK’s online study guide). Recognition and validation of learning is possible only students who are studying for a degree and have enrolled present.


Instructions for student regarding RVPL

What and for who?

This is a process that enables you to receive formal recognition for skills and knowledge you already possess and that have not been previously assessed or awarded credit. As a result there is no need to study again the topic areas that you already know well.

  • RVPL is possible only for attendingBachelor’s or Master’s degree students.
  • RVPL can be applied to both obligatoryand optional studies and practical training.


An application can be summited at any time in the study process, but applying in an early phase is helpful in drawing up a personal study plan.


The application should be filled in and turned in with the required attachments.

RVPL form


1)Credit Transfer

  • The course that is transferred must correspond the contents of a course included in your study programme atVAMK. The student can transfer credits from studies that have been completed in a university, open university ora summer university abroad or in Finland. Studies in VAMK Open University are transferred directly, but credittransfer for studies completed in other universities has to be applied for.
  • The transferred course can be completed before studying at VAMK (usually not more than ten years ago) orwhile studying at VAMK. As many free choice courses as are included in the current study progamme can betransferred at the most. Having served in the Finnish Defense Forces as an underofficer makes it possible toapply for 3 credit units and having served as an officer allows you apply for to 5 credit units in the electivecourses. The student can include in optional studies 6 cr for VAMOK board activities as of 2017, 3 cr fortutoring, 1 cr for responsible tutoring and 2 cr for international tutoring.
  • Studies or thesis older than 10 years cannot usually be transferred.
  • Credit transfers are marked as completed elsewhere into the study register.
  • If the student has not studied Swedish or English before, he will take same amount ofother studies instead.

2)Demonstration of Skills and Knowledge

  • It is possible to demonstrate skills that have been acquired elsewhere than in yourcurrent studies. The knowledge and skills can be acquired for example in workinglife, free time activities or in secondary education. The teacher of the topic area andthe student agree on how the student will demonstrate the acquired skills andknowledge. There are different ways to demonstrate the acquired skills andknowledge including portfolios, written and spoken tasks, problem solvingsituations etc. The same scale of assessment is used as on the correspondingcourse. The student can attend the corresponding course if the grade givenfor the demonstration was not satisfactory. The demonstration canonly be done once and the grade cannot be raised.


Credit transfer of studies completed in formal education

Higher education level studies that the student has completed elsewhere can be accepted as part of the student’s degree. Degrees taken at universities and summer universities, folk high schools, study centres or elsewhere, representing higher education entities, can replace studies, in case they as to the degree requirements correspond to the study entities, or their parts, included in the polytechnic degree. The replacing study means that studies completed elsewhere replace the compulsory study unit belonging to the student’s degree.

Also other higher education studies completed elsewhere can be accredited as free-choice studies. The amount of studies that can be transferred cannot exceed the amount of free-choice prescribed in the curriculum.


VAMOK board activities
  • 6cr for VAMOK board activities

The student can include in free-choice studies

  • 3 cr. for student tutoring work
  • 2 cr. for responsible tutoring
  • 1 cr. for international student tutoring in accordance with a separate decision.

Secondary education studies only give the eligibility to apply, credit transfer does not apply to them, since they are not higher education studies, unless they have been provided by the higher education institute.

In case a person that has completed Open polytechnic studies is granted admission to the degree programme education at a University of Applied Sciences, the studies completed at the Open polytechnic are accredited for according to the subject content in each degree programme. The credit transfer has to be applied for.

Application procedure
  • Student shall carefully and completely fill and sign the application for Credit Transfer and submit it to the study affair office.
  • The Director of Unit takes the decision on the credit transfer based on the written application and a proposal included.
  • The credit transfers are entered into the study records. The study affairs office will inform the student of a negative decision.
  • The student can apply for rectification of the decision from the Board of Examiners within 14 days after having informed of the decision. The claim for rectification is submitted to the study affairs office which will forward it to the Board of Examiners.

Studies that have been completed elsewhere are entered into the study records as a rule with the grade HYV (= Pass).

Studies completed more than 10 years ago cannot as a rule be transferred. Theses are not transferable either because the purpose of the thesis is to develop and demonstrate the student’s readiness to apply his/her skills and knowledge in an expert job related to the professional studies.

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Recognition and validation of prior learning – RAVPL (AHOT)

Skills acquired elsewhere than in formal education can develop in context of informal learning (complementary training, short-term training at workplace, training provided by adult education institutes) or everyday learning (work experience, positions of trust, hobbies). The learnt skills and knowledge are in focus. The student has to demonstrate his/her skills so that they can be assessed. Besides written documents, also shown demonstrations can be required of the student. It is recommended that the student gives the demonstrations at an early stage if studies.

The student submits the RVPL Form and the account to the teacher in charge of the study unit. The teacher will define the demonstrations.

The student will give the required demonstrations within one month and will receive a grade. The grade will be determined according to the scale of grades and assessment criteria of the study unit.  The demonstrations cannot be retaken.