Changes to Thesis Procedures and Updated Guidelines

Changes to Thesis Procedures and Updated Guidelines

We wish to inform you about significant changes affecting the thesis process. The objective of these changes has been a more student and work-life-oriented thesis procedure. 

  1. Thesis guidelines and writing instructions have been updated and can now be found on the Tritonia Library’s Libguides website. We encourage you to utilize these new guidelines to prepare your thesis actively. If you have already started your work, your supervisor will gladly answer any further questions you may have. 
  1. Changes to the final stages of the thesis: The thesis will be presented at some point during the thesis process. Our recommendation is that the presentation primarily takes place for the client organization, for instance, during a team or department meeting. The opponing during presentations is now eliminated, as are mandatory attendances and the thesis pass. 
  1. Citation guidelines: We are transitioning to using the APA-7 citation style. Guidelines for this can be found in the writing instructions. The Vancouver numbering citation system will continue to be used for certain fields of technology. During the transition period, you may also use the previously established VAMK citation style, especially if you’ve already started your work. 
  1. Energiaa online publication: We particularly encourage master’s level students to write an expert blog post towards the end of their thesis process. More details about this are available in our guidelines. 
  1. Starting from 1.8.2023, once the different phases of the thesis are approved in the Wihi system, an automatic record of completion will be transferred to the Pakki system. The thesis credits are distributed as follows: For bachelor’s students, it’s 3 credits + 6 credits + 6 credits and for master’s students, it’s 5 credits + 10 credits + 15 credits. This ensures that the different stages of the process are visible, and the student receives the credits as the work progresses. 

Wishing you an energetic autumn start! 

Best regards, Your current and future thesis supervisors