Know yourself -theme week 29.11.-1.12.2022

Know yourself -theme week 29.11.-1.12.2022

What things do you excel at? What things do you enjoy? What are your strengths?

Recognizing your own skills and strengths is extremely important. Give yourself a moment to dwell on this. We support you on your journey towards better self-knowledge.

Welcome to the jointly theme week organized by Career services and the School social worker.

Program 30.11.2022

Pop up

Server´s lobby, at 11.00-13.00


Do you have challenges concentrating on reading? Do you forget what you read?

Get to know the applications and settings that make reading, writing and concentration easier. The settings that can be found on your own computer and are free of charge.

Datero ry instructors Sonja and Christer will guide you in implementing the settings.

Study Well-being

Come and chat with the school social worker Teija!


Get to know your own strengths, Drop In

  • Between 9.00-11.00
  • A1138

Come for a quick trip to your own strengths! School social worker Teija and Career counselor Emilia are there to guide you. You can come when it suits you best.

CV Clinic, Drop In

  • Between 11.00-13.00
  • A1066-67

Bring your CV and come ask for tips on how to improve it. Talent Coach Francis Oyeyiola and Career and recruitment specialist Emilia Mäkitalo will help you on CV Clinic.

Let´s learn together -Study circle

  • At 14.00-15.00
  • A1066-67

Do you have unfinished tasks? Is it difficult to do it alone? Do you need instructor support to start assignments or tips on how to cope with learning challenges?

Come and try the Study circle. Working in the study circle is structured according to the participants’ own needs and interests. Bring your own laptop and your unfinished schoolwork.

Datero ry instructors Sonja and Christer will help you understand what you read. School social worker Teija will help you structure goals and encourage further studies. VAMOK is there to offer tips and peer support for studying.

LinkedIn – How to Make Yourself Visible

  • At 16.30-18.30
  • B1057

Program 1.12.2022

Pop up

Server ´s lobby, at 12.00-14.00

Happy times – ice cream roll tastings

Get to know the Happy times and taste the trendy delicacy that has captured the hearts of Finns in just a few years! It is a 100% domestic franchise chain based on ice cream rolls sold in Hawaiian-style kiosks. Come and talk to the experts more about the concept, franchise entrepreneurship and becoming an entrepreneur!


CV photography, Drop In

  • Between 11.00-14.00
  • B2011

Now you have a unique opportunity to come and photograph yourself for free for your CV or LinkedIn profile! The photographer is professional photographer Sami Peltomäki. Be prepared to wait a while for your turn.

Deeply relaxing sound bowl relaxation

  • At 11.00-13.00 (Start every half hour: 11.00, 11.30, 12.00 & 12.30)
  • A1139

To achieve a harmonious state of being, we use imagery exercises, breathing control, and instruments that play at different frequencies, such as sound bowls, a drum, a kong, a koshi bell, and sound irons. The vibration of the instrument’s travels along the body’s fluids all the way down to the cellular level. Sound waves resonate in cell fluids, releasing physical as well as mental and emotional tensions.

Relaxation takes place lying on the floor. Dress warmly. Relaxation instructor is Anne Kevätjoki.

Entrepreneurship as a career option

  • At 14.00-15.00
  • B1022

Would you be the next enthusiastic Happy Times entrepreneur? Get to know and hear about Happy Times’ unique concept and becoming an entrepreneur!

It is a 100% domestic franchise chain based on ice cream rolls sold in Hawaiian-style kiosks. Originally from Asia, the ice cream rolls are made from fresh cream ice cream base, in front of the customer’s eyes, in an ice pan at -20 degrees. This trendy delicacy has conquered the hearts of Finns in just a few years, and by the coming summer there will already be fifteen of our kiosks all over Finland.

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29.11.2022 Know yourself – Navigating Finnish Work-life

For more information

Teija Pitkäkangas

School social worker

Teaching and Learning Services | Student Services | +358 207 663 635

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