Open UAS studies are now online and free of charge – enrol now!

Open UAS studies are now online and free of charge – enrol now!

Enrolment is now open for all the open UAS courses of this autumn. All the studies are online and completely free of charge. Book your spot now – they are filled according to enrolment order.

All the open UAS courses are offered completely free of charge and online this autumn at VAMK. At VAMK we offer a varied selection of courses both in English and Finnish.

“Spots are taken quite quickly so you shouldn’t wait in enrolment process. The enrolment period also varies in courses: other courses have just a couple of week’s enrolment period, whereas other courses can be enrolled for over two months”, says Jenna Järvi, assistant, who is responsible for continuous learning during the beginning of autumn.

Most of the courses are suitable for everyone, regardless of level of knowledge in the area if not otherwise mentioned.

At the Open UAS, you can study in accordance with the curricula of VAMK’s degree programmes in technology, business administration and social and health care, regardless of your basic education or age, without being a degree student. Teaching is organised both in teaching groups for degree students and in separate groups for students of the Open UAS.

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