Shenzhen Polytechnic Online Chinese Culture Course Program

Shenzhen Polytechnic Online Chinese Culture Course Program

To enhance the understanding of traditional Chinese culture among teachers and students in Finland, Shenzhen Polytechnic is to offer a series of short courses for teachers and students from the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences China-network to learn the Chinese language and culture. There are 10 classes on 5 topics in total. Each topic will be delivered in two 45-minute classes. Online teaching will be adopted to create a different cultural experience on the “cloud”. The rich content of these courses, while highlighting Chinese traditions and culture, will help students to broaden their horizons and experience Chinese traditional folk customs and culture in depth.

How to apply:

Please go to the following link:

ZOOM information will be shown after your submission. 

1011-Course of Chinese culture-Shenzhen Polytechnic