Strategy work started – VAMK’s new strategy will be ready in spring 2024

Strategy work started – VAMK’s new strategy will be ready in spring 2024

Vaasan University of Applied Sciences started crafting the new strategy with the management team’s kick-off workshop on September 19th. The goal of renewing our strategy is to create the conditions for clarifying our operations and being better prepared to address the challenges of a changing world.

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences launched the preparation of a new strategy at the management team’s kick-off workshop at the Palosaari campus. The goal of the first phase of the strategy work is to form an environmental and change analysis. As a basis for this, a survey will be conducted for staff and students during the autumn. In addition, a separate survey and in-depth interviews will be conducted with stakeholder representatives.

“In line with the mission of the Universities of Applied Sciences’ regional development, we want the new strategy to serve the needs of the region as effectively as possible. That is why we involve stakeholders extensively throughout the entire strategic journey”, says Kati Komulainen, Rector, CEO, VAMK.

In November, the second phase of the strategy work begins, during which, under the leadership of the board, the direction in which we want to proceed will be chosen. The goal of this phase is to establish a mission, vision, and priority areas. In this second phase of the strategy work, staff and students will also participate in the planning process.

In the final phase of the strategy work, the outlines of the new strategy are fine-tuned. In this phase as well, the leadership team and stakeholders actively participate through workshops and surveys. The result of this phase will be a roadmap for implementing the strategy and key performance indicators. The new strategy will be ready in May and will be launched in August 2024.

“Our goal is to ambitiously construct a strategy that sets us apart and clearly defines our profile”, explains Komulainen.

Demos Helsinki, an independent think tank, supports VAMK on the strategy journey, with their main role being that of a facilitator and challenger.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for us to be a challenger and join in the journey towards a common goal with a university that has a forward-looking vision and works on significant future themes”, comments Jenni Kilpi, Specialist at Demos Helsinki.

“We specifically chose Demos Helsinki as a partner for our strategy renewal because we believe they can challenge us in a positive way. I believe that Demos Helsinki will guide us to areas we might not venture into on our own”, reflects Komulainen.