The joint application for international degree programs kicks off VAMK’s international theme year

The joint application for international degree programs kicks off VAMK’s international theme year

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences’ degree programs meet the needs of the region’s energy technology cluster companies and organisations by training future professionals in sustainable development, green energy solutions, and responsibility. During the national joint application from January 3rd to 17th, 2024, it is possible to apply for VAMK’s international Bachelor’s and Master’s level programs. The studies will start in August 2024.

Vaasa is an international student city with a unique learning environment in the heart of the largest energy cluster of the Nordic countries. Within the Vaasa region’s energy cluster, students have the opportunity to complete internships in global energy technology companies as part of their studies and can secure employment even during studies. VAMK’s students have an excellent employment rate after graduation thanks to the over 160 companies in the Vaasa region.

In the first national joint application of the spring at VAMK, a total of 160 enrolment slots are available in two English-language Bachelor’s degree programs and four Master’s degree programs. The application process takes place on Studyinfo.en. More detailed information about the offerings in the January joint application can be found on VAMK’s website. There is a tuition fee for non-EU students, while Finnish and EU/EEA citizens enjoy tuition-free education.

“The year 2024 is an international theme year for VAMK, and the first joint application of the year serves as a fantastic kick off to this theme,” says Sirpa Rutanen, Communications and Marketing Manager at VAMK.

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences has collaboratively established a strong foundation for sustainable international student recruitment with the Finnish National Agency for Education (OPH) and other higher education institutions.

“Our goal is to elevate VAMK’s profile internationally and strengthen our position as a sought-after educational partner. This year is dedicated to internationalisation, and we have plans to create a comprehensive internationalisation program as well as publish the ‘International VAMK’ publication collection, providing insights into the global activities of our university,” Rutanen states.

Experts in sustainable development to solve future challenges

VAMK’s UAS-level degree programs educate professionals for the needs of the Vaasa energy cluster in both the fields of technology and business. The English-language engineering degree program in Information Technology (B. Eng) prepares experts in digitalisation. In the Information Technology program, students can specialise in areas such as software engineering and embedded systems, which can be applied in tasks related to energy conservation, production, and distribution. The English-language Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in International Business introduces students to the intricacies of international trade.

Both degrees are highly practical due to close collaboration with the working life, and they also include a five-month internship in a company within the field. Experts in international trade and information technology from VAMK are sought after in the job market, and their employment rates after completing studies are top-notch in Finland. University of Applied Sciences degrees are equivalent to bachelor’s degrees earned at a university. The curriculum includes basic and advanced professional studies, optional studies, practical training, and a thesis.

Moving from expert tasks towards new challenges and leadership roles

VAMK Master School’s graduate programs deepen the expertise of those already in the working life and prepare students for leadership positions in their respective fields. In this application round, VAMK offers four English-language Master’s degree programs (YAMK). Cloud-Based Software Engineering familiarises students with designing reliable, high-performance, and cost-effective systems while equipping them to anticipate, analyse, and understand the need for strategic innovations.

In project management, there are Master’s degree programs leading to a higher university of applied sciences degree in both engineering and business administration, specifically the Project Management programs (Master of Engineering and Master of Business Administration). The Project Management degrees in engineering and business administration prepare students to become confident leaders in international project teams. Both degrees provide competence in project management at the IPMA C level and excellent capabilities for successful project management.

A Master’s degree offered by a University of Applied Sciences is an excellent way for those already in the workforce to deepen and broaden their expertise, as the degree provides strong capabilities to take on more demanding roles. Studying alongside other professionals also offers new perspectives on one’s work. UAS Master’s degrees adhere to the Finnish national degree system and the European Qualifications Framework (EQF 7). They qualify individuals for public positions that require a master’s degree.

Applicants to VAMK Master School should have completed a Bachelor’s degree or another applicable university degree and accumulated two years of work experience in the field after graduation.

More information from the Head of Student Services, Juha Vierola.


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