The quality of applicants to VAMK’s international degree programs improved

The quality of applicants to VAMK’s international degree programs improved

In the first national joint application of spring 2024, the quality of the applicants to Vaasa University of Applied Sciences’ international degree programs improved thanks to the stricter language requirements. Even though the tuition fees increased, there were an average of 45.66 applicants for each available enrollment slot.

According to preliminary data, there were a total of 64,770 applicants in the national joint application that ended today. The application included international Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs in Finnish higher education institutions, as well as art study programs. VAMK received a total of 7,305 applications from which 6,257 were individual applicants.

In the first national joint application of the spring at VAMK, a total of 160 enrolment slots were available in two English-language Bachelor’s degree programs and four Master’s degree programs. The Master’s degree programs were the most popular ones on this application round. On average there were 45.66 applicants for each available enrollment slot.

International business programs attracted applicants

Measured by the attractiveness ratio (the ratio of applicants to available seats), the most popular program was the Master’s degree in International Business Management, with 68.90 applicants per available seat. The Master’s program in Project Management (Master of Business Administration) also drew interest, with 66.20 applicants per available seat. The Bachelor’s level English-language degree in business, Bachelor of Business Administration, was also considered intriguing among applicants. It received the highest number of applications among the programs, with a total of 2,142 applicants, equivalent to 53.55 applicants per available seat.

In the field of engineering, the most popular program was the Project Management program (Master of Engineering), with 33.40 applicants per available seat. For the Bachelor’s level English-language degree in Information Technology, there were 28.83 applicants per available seat.

The goal is to increase the number of high-quality paying students

VAMK has invested in diversifying its international student recruitment. Throughout the year 2023, the focus of international marketing has been on Asian countries and the Middle East, where students finance their studies through tuition fees. Particularly, India, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam are interesting recruitment countries due to the large number of young people of college age.

“We have systematically strengthened our international brand and attractiveness. In April, we participated in the Finnish National Agengy for Education India Roadshow in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, together with other Finnish universities. In October, we engaged in significant collaboration with SAMK and Metropolia at Najah Dubai fair in the United Arab Emirates. In November, we participated in Finnish National Agengy for Education´s Road to Finland 2024 events in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,” says Sirpa Rutanen, VAMK’s Head of Communications and Marketing.

Local agents play a crucial role in recruiting international students, with VAMK having a total of 12 agents. These agents, who are located mostly in Asia, assist in strengthening awareness through activities such as high school visits and digital campaigns.

“Investing in international student recruitment has proven to be worthwhile, and there has been a commendable number of applications from target countries. This year, tuition fees were slightly increased, which has likely had an impact on the number of applicants,” reflects Juha Vierola, Head of VAMK’s Student Services.

Entrance exams and student selections

At VAMK, students are selected for Bachelor’s degree programs based on entrance exams. The entrance exams are scheduled for March 21, 2024, and the results will be published by April 10, 2024. For Master’s degree programs, students are selected based on interview videos, with the results announced by May 31, 2024. Admitted students must confirm their study places by July 11, 2024, by 3:00 PM, and the academic year begins in August 2024.

“The student selection process now continues on our part with the eligibility checks to ensure applicants have a sufficient educational background and language proficiency,” says Vierola.

Further information about the entrance exam can be found on website.


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