VAMK students can now use the electronic EXAM exam service

VAMK students can now use the electronic EXAM exam service

With the help of the EXAM electronic exam service, the student can independently complete the maturity tests and exams that the examiner has defined as being completed electronically.

The exam is taken during the school’s opening hours in a separate EXAM exam room or, alternatively, by visiting another university’s EXAM exam room. You must register for the exam at – sign in with your VAMK student ID.

VAMK’s EXAM exam room is located in class WA2036, which is in the orange main building (Wolffintie 30) opposite the Festival hall. You can enter through the main doors, from which, if you walk to the right, you will find the stairs to the upper floor, where the EXAM exam room is located. The door of the EXAM exam room has an ILOQ lock that works with the ILOQ S50 application that can be downloaded on the phone. The exam room is open on weekdays from 8 am to 8 pm and on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm. (Please note the exception schedule during the holidays).

In case of problems, please contact us via email at When visiting another higher education institution, please contact the higher education institution in question in case of problems related to the space.

NOTE! Please go through the instructions on the website carefully before participating in the exam.

See here for more detailed instructions on participating in exams and using EXAM room



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