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Welcome to join the VAMK alumni network!

The word alumni comes from the Latin word for “foster child”. Vaasa University of Applied Sciences is proud of its alumni. That is why we encourage those who have studied and worked with us to participate in our alumni activities. VAMK alumni can go to the world with their head held high. However, the growth continues throughout life, and we want to be with you on that path!

Anyone who has studied or worked at VAMK or former institutions can become an alumni. By joining, you can find out about our further and continuing education and participate in alumni meetings. The meetings are also a great networking opportunity, so you might just meet someone relevant to your career through alumni activities.

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By becoming an alumni

Free Education

For two years, you get the opportunity to study VAMK+, i.e. open AMK study courses, without limits – completely free of charge

You stay up to date

You will receive information about our continuous learning opportunities

Encounters with fellow students

You can participate in alumni meetings, see fellow students

Tools for job search

You can use the VAMK Work job search channel after graduation

Career Services

You can use VAMK’s Career Services for one year after graduation


You can network with other alumni

Alumni activities

The goal of alumni activities is to develop Vaasa University of Applied Sciences’ collaboration with working life and to support the students in connecting with the working life.

We offer our alumni a channel for multidisciplinary professional and social networking and for developing and maintaining their own professional skills. Alumni can e.g. act as expert lecturers in teaching, invite student groups to study visits to their workplace, offer students internships, projects and thesis topics, and act as mentors and introducers to the working life in the field.

VAMK work – Here you will find the experts of the future

  • The Vamk Work service is a digital meeting place for Vaasa University of Applied Sciences students and working life, which makes announcing and applying for jobs easier.
  • Through the electronic service, employers can inform students directly about open jobs, internship opportunities, thesis jobs and smaller project work.
  • Employers can search for experts anonymously with Tiitus’ net function and conveniently reach out to students with the service’s chat function.
  • Using the service is free for employers.

Through the Vamk Work service, you can easily find and recruit future experts!

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Network with other alumni on FB and LinkedIn

Through social media channels, you can get up-to-date information on alumni activities. At the same time, you get to know other alumni and gain visibility for your own profiles.


Alumni stories

Alumni story
Apurva Ganoo

Apurva Ganoo

"It’s inspiring to see that even small universities can compete against Harvard and MIT, and one can work for big companies like Google after graduation."

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Alumni story
Roman Pikalenko

Roman Pikalenko

"The tutors were amazing. They made sure no one was left behind, if the students themselves had any interest to socialize with the group."

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Alumni story
Pawel Kijowski

Pawel Kijowski

"Without VAMK, my dreams would not have come true. I have had a head start for my career because of the good education."

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