What is MOOC?

MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are globally available courses open to everyone. Nowadays, MOOC courses are organized around the world and the largest course portals are Coursera and edX, through which you can access hundreds of university-level courses.

As the name suggests, all courses are open, free and online, so you don’t have to worry about course fees or school trips, but you can study when it suits you, wherever you are.


Current courses

Instructions how to enroll MOOC course

Energy Transition and Sustainable Economies course learning material is given in MOOC format on an external platform called FutureLearn. Students need to create an account on FutureLearn in order to access the course material.

MOOC registration guide for VAMK students

VAMK student can register for MOOC course through PAKKI and then complete the studies in FutureLearn online platform. The course is completed independently and taking a final exam at Moodle in order to be awarded with study credits.

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