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Project information:

Official name of the project: E4IoT - Energy for IoT and Other Electrical Devices

Duration of the project: 1.9.2020 - 31.12.2022

Project coordinator: Vaasan Yliopisto

Project partners: VAMK

Funding: European Regional Development Fund

Budget: 298 519 €

Project code: S22708

RDI platform: Smart City

Language: Finnish

Project description

Monitoring of systems and components, wireless communication, data processing and analytics, utilization of measurement and sensor technologies and automation are increasing rapidly. A huge number of pieces of equipment will be connected to IoT or IIoT. When using traditional technology, a lot of wiring and batteries are needed, increasing energy consumption and hazardous waste. However, the energy needed by the sensors and the electronics can be generated locally by energy harvesting technology. This radically reduces the wiring and the need to change batteries. The growth of harvesting technology is believed to be exponential.


The main aim of the project is to develop and demonstrate generic solutions to energy harvesting and storage, which enable energy autonomous industry applications. The Project will be carried out in close cooperation with industrial enterprises. Companies are expected to start their own R&D projects already during the course of the project. Secondary targets of the project are to increase the cooperation between companies, between companies and the univeristies, and to develop expertise and service capability of the universities in Vaasa (IoT Competence Center). The project will be carried out as a public joint effort of the University of Vaasa and the Vaasa University of Applied Sciences during 2020-2022. The results can be utilized by all companies.


The expected concrete results of the project are the following:

  • Generic prototypes ofndependently operating (no changeable batteries or wiring is needed) electronic and IoT devices have been developed and demonstrated
  • Several industrial enterprises have started to apply or have plans to apply the developed technology in the R&D projects
  • New partnerships or cooperation between companies have emerged
  • The expertise and the service ability of the universities in Vaasa have developed in technology areas ‘energy harvesting’ and ‘IoT’

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