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Project information:

Official name of the project: SGFER - Älyverkon ja energiaresurssien tutkimusympäristö (Research Environment for Smart Grids and Flexible Energy Resources, SGFER)

Duration of the project: 1.10.2020 - 31.5.2023

Project coordinator: University of Vaasa

Project partners: VAMK

Funding: European Regional Development Fund

Budget: 160 643 €

Contact person in VAMK:

Jari Koski, Senior Lecturer (School of Technology)

tel. +358 207 663 488,

Project code: A76338

RDI platform: Smart Industry

Language: Finnish

Project description

Based on VEBIC’s SmartGrid laboratory development workshop analysis report, in the next three years, companies’ most likely RDI measures will focus on five different areas:

  • the protection and fault management of electrical networks,
  • microgrids and energy communities,
  • decentralized and renewable energy production,
  • energy storage and flexible markets
  • the digitalization of energy networks.

In the testing and simulations that are important for the future operation of the VEBIC SmartGrid laboratory, companies’ RDI interest is focused on the development of microgrids, distributed energy production and solutions and regulation of flexible energy systems. The interest of the responding companies in future piloting projects was also significant.

In order to meet RDI needs, the current VEBIC SmartGrid laboratory will be developed to the next level in the SGFER project by connecting real monitoring devices and so-called PHIL features and by creating service concepts and operating models for the SmartGrid laboratory. The microgrid complex developed as part of the project enables the study of the interaction between the protection devices of smart grids and the functions of renewable energy production, battery storage power electronic rectifiers and connection devices in terms of their compatibility and reliable operation.


The goal of the SGFER project complex is the implementation and commissioning of the PHIL1 hardware complex that supports the research, testing, conceptualization and acceleration of their commercialization of microgrids in the VEBIC SmartGrid environment. The goals are also to update the PAC device environment and develop the service concept of the VEBIC SmartGrid laboratory.

The entire project is implemented in two work packages, where the process bus test environment is expanded, the acquisition and commissioning of the microgrid test environment (PHIL1) is carried out, the PAC laboratory is updated to match today’s component development cycle, the service concepts and operating model of the expanded VEBIC SmartGrid laboratory are defined, and the defined service concepts are piloted on a case basis.


The SGFER project increases cooperation opportunities, develops know-how and co-development with the VEBIC SmartGrid laboratory and companies, directly enhances the RDI processes of companies belonging to the target group, and accelerates the commercialization of new products. The outputs of the project increase the interest of the VEBIC SmartGrid laboratory in international higher education and research laboratory networks.

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