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Project information:

Official name of the project: TUKSU - Erityistä suojelua tarvitsevien tulevaisuususkon tukeminen (TUKSU - Supporting the Future Belief of People in Need of Special Protection)

Duration of the project: 1.8.2022 - 31.7.2024

Project coordinator: VAMK

Funding: Ministry of Education and Culture

Budget: 150 000 €

Contact person in VAMK:

Juha Vierola, Head of Student Services (Teaching and Learning Services)

tel. +358 207 663 604, juha.vierola@vamk.fi

Project code: OKM/15/523/2022

Language: Finnish

Project description

The project develops studies for those in need of special protection. The studies support the goals of the Sustainable Growth program and can be included as part of the Bachelor of Arts degree. The studies are focused on the strategy, focus areas and the needs of the business life in the region to enable the green transition. International companies in the Vaasa region are potential employers. Attachment to Finnish community through education promotes pan-European well-being, values, ​​and employment in the region.

Ostrobothnia has the lowest unemployment rate in Finland. At the same time, significant innovative development work is being carried out in Ostrobothnia to enable energy policy and the green transition. The integration of persons in need of special protection as part of the study and working culture of the Nordic Energy Capital creates opportunities for them to develop their skills during their stay in Finland, to get a job in Finland if they wish, and to stay in the country. The project’s trainings promote an individual’s attachment to the working and business life of the area. The partnership model, on the other hand, enables a natural dialogue with companies in the area.


The goal is to create studies that create hope and faith in the future for persons in need of special protection. The goal is to attract people to get Finnish education and thereby promote their opportunities to complete a degree in Finland and get a job in Finland. In addition to that, the aim of the project is to increase opportunities for university students receiving protection in Finland and for those interested in higher education who are already in working life to study in English flexibly and to increase their expertise – continuous learning, through which integration and commitment to Finnish society and higher education is realized.


The result is a strengthening of the skills, well-being, and faith in the future of those who are committed to the training. They apply for Finnish university degrees and are interested in living and working in Finland. The goal is that 40% of those who participated in the training would become interested in Finland and Finnish education and working life. At the same time, the integration of those participating in the training into Finland and Finnish everyday life becomes easier when the participants focus on their studies and the learning community. The goal of the sustainable growth program is to promote the employment of international students in Finland, and this project contributes to the achievement of the goal.

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