Quantitative Research

Learning objectives

After completing the course, the student

  • Knows the type data of quantitative research and the basic methods of data analysis
  • Be able to apply appropriate methods of analysis to solve research problems and understand the advantages and limitations of a statistical and qualitative research approach.
  • Can interpret and report the results of analyzes.
  • Is able to apply the research process according to the research method to his / her own research.
  • Is able to evaluate the reliability of research methods.



  • Quantitative approaches
  • Possibilities and limitations of different information interests
  • Research design and research problems
  • Analysis and interpretation process
  • Data acquisition methods
  • Representativeness of the data: sample, population, sampling techniques
  • Data reliability assessment: reliability and validity
  • Basic methods for statistical analysis of data (SPSS)
  • Reporting of research methods and results
  • Methods of data preparation and analysis
  • Written and tabular reporting of results
  • Critical evaluation of research reliability


Free of charge (0 euro)

Teaching Mode and Methods

Intoroductiory lecture.

Study Material

Material is indicated by the teacher.



Schedule and Location

Will be announced later.

Further Information

Piia Uusi-Kakkuri

Principal Lecturer

School of Health Care and Social Services | Nursing

piia.uusi-kakkuri@vamk.fi | +358 207 663 645



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