Leadership and Management


You will learn to understand the importance of leadership and management in organizations and you will also get to explore her/his own leadership and management skills. You will get to explore classical leadership and management theories and how they can be implemented in a work setting.

To you who

are interested in learning more about leadership and management in an organizational context on an advanced level.  

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The course content includes:

  • Role and tasks of the superior in an organization, development of organizational theories, company values, management styles, influencing people, self-management, development of the organization, and advancing the well-being of the working communit

After completing the course, you will: 

  • understand the differences between management and leadership. You are familiar with the principles and activities of management and leadership in a goal-oriented organization. After the course, you understand the importance of clear vision and mission statements, strategy and objectives, and also organizational values as a core of organizational culture. 

Notice! This course is a Master’s level course. You need to have a suitable bachelor’s degree to be able to join this course.

Mode of Teaching and Methods

  • Lectures 
  • Individual and group work 

Study Material

  • Good to great: why some companies make the leap… and others don’t. Collins, James C. Random House Business Books 2001. 
  • Material named by the teacher



5 Utilize theories, concepts and methods consistently in various situations
3 Utilize essential concepts in single situations and assignments and understand the theories on which the assignments are based
1 Recognize and understand the essential theories, principles and methods

Examination: individual, written course work 

Schedule and Location

  • Online teaching on Zoom

             12.1    9-15 (Eastern European Time)

             19.1    9-15

             2.2     9-15

             16.2   9-15

Additional information about the course

If you have any questions regarding student IDs, fees, or admission conditions, please contact avoin@vamk.fi


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Frida Nyqvist

Part-time Lecturer

School of Business | Business Economics

Leadership and Management


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