Organizational Behavior, Group B

Elevate your leadership potential with our comprehensive course! Gain insights into human behavior, effective leadership skills, and the confidence to navigate organizational changes.  Organizations are under a constant change – so are humans and leaders. Understand your working communities better in order to be able to perform better. Enroll now for a transformative journey towards success!


  • Students will learn to understand the individuals, groups and unit levels of organizational culture, what are the profound skills needed in flexible and developing, different working environments.
  • Student will learn to analyze and understand their own behaviour and leading styles as well as others in organizations.

To you who

  • Are interested in developing their skills as managers or leaders, interested in understanding organizational behaviour and culture.
  • Have a basic knowledge of Human Resources Management or a similar field.

Description Teachers


Upon completing this course, you’ll master the study of human behavior in a work context, gain effective leadership skills for managing people in organizations, excel in navigating organizational changes, and understand the crucial role of creating a winning organizational culture. This comprehensive skill set will empower you to succeed in diverse professional settings.

Course topics include

  • Basic concepts of organizational, individual and group work
  • Working psychology, ethics, motivation types
  • Organizational and general changes in working environments, conflict and change management.
  • Leadership, power and empowerment, recruitment process, learning in an organizational concept

Mode of Teaching and Methods

Online material and recorded lessons as well as autonomous studies.

  • Articles or material (course book)
  • Teamwork and assigments
  • Course Assignment and Presentation

Study Material

  • will be announced later by teacher.


  • Evaluation between 0–5

Schedule and Location

  • 19.1.-31.5.24 online, Fridays at 12 and Saturdays.

More information about the course

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Organizational Behavior, Group B


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