Sales management, Group A

Unlock your sales potential with our ‘Sales management’ course! Gain a deep understanding of creating long-term customer value, master multichannel strategies, and streamline sales management. Dive into relationship marketing, value-based selling, and hone communication for lasting connections. Enroll now to become a sales pro!


  • Gives skills to understand the B2B sales process
  • Comprehensive Understanding of Selling

To you who

  • The training is suitable for anyone interested in the basics of sales.
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After completing the course, the student will have a comprehensive understanding of the role of selling in the process of creating long-term customer value in relationships. They will also possess knowledge of multichannel usage as an integral part of the sales process, and they will be familiar with the step-by-step sales management process.

  • Quantitative approaches
  • Definitions and perspectives of personal selling
  • Relationship marketing and personal selling
  • Value-based selling
  • Communication for relationship building
  • Sales knowledge
  • Relationship selling process

Mode of Teaching and Methods

Lectures, project work, cases. Online teaching.

Study Material

Provided during the course by the lecturers.


Evaluation: Approved/Fail.

Schedule and Location

8.1.-31.5.24 online, weekdays starting at 16.00, with the possibility of Saturdays if needed.

More information about the course

Timo Malin

Senior Lecturer

School of Business | Business Economics | +358 207 663 510

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Timo Malin

Senior Lecturer

School of Business | Business Economics

+358 207 663 510

Sales management, group A


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