Energy Technology, Bachelor of Engineering

Do you want to influence what energy will spin the world in the future?

Renewable Energy Sources

In Energy Technology you will acquire skills to utilise renewable energy sources as part of energy production.

Life Cycle Thinking

During the studies you will gain an understanding of how to minimise enviromental impact through life cycle thinking.

Intelligent Energy Distribution

You will learn to apply intelligent energy production and distribution.

What do Energy Technology students Nhi and John Martin think about their studies? Check out the video.

If you are looking for a career to prevent climate change, …

To see the world and reap the benefits of a growing industry, you have come to the right place. Our degree in Energy Technology is a unique combination of different areas of technology and economics. Internationality is also a natural part of the studies.

To develop competence in the energy cluster

Alternative energy sources, smarter power plants and environmental protection: Energy Technology Degree is for you if you want to affect what energy will run the world in the future.

As an Energy Technology Engineer, versatile and interesting tasks await you: Projects related to energy production in Finland and around the world need people who have a heart in place, but who also understand the technical side of things. The energy sector is a major employer in Vaasa and Finland. Jobs can also be found in the public sector.

What kind of energy will the world use in the future?

Already during your studies, you get to do energy projects in cooperation with international companies. You will get to know the local businesses and industry, for example by visiting companies and construction sites, and creating new, valuable acquaintances with a view to working life.

During the internship and thesis included in the Bachelor Degree study, you will get a good idea of the ​​future work assignments and you get to open the doors into interesting companies.

Energy Technology is cooperation

The Energy Industry is for you if you like projects and internationality is also your thing.

The studies involve a lot of work in groups. The work of an Energy Engineer is done with colleagues and customers from all over the world, so co-operation skills are valued.

The studies focus in particular on:

  • Sustainable Energy Production
  • Power Plant Technology
  • Project Management
  • Technical Sales and Marketing

In the guided studies, you can study more aspects that interest you, such as Energy Technology Management or Project Management.

Truly international

The Bachelor studies in Energy Technology offer diverse opportunities to follow interesting career paths. If you still want to learn more about project management after your engineering degree and work experience, you can continue your studies in our Project Management Master´s Degree. As an Engineer, you can also continue your studies at the University with a Master’s Degree in Engineering.

EnergyVaasa is the largest energy technology hub in the Nordic countries

This has made Vaasa a world leader within different technologies, such as smart electrical solutions, sustainable energy, flexible power generation and digitalisation – to mention a few. In Vaasa local universities, energy technology companies and municipalities work intensively together on research, product development, innovation and education. No wonder the Vaasa region is regarded as the most innovative area in Finland.



At VAMK, ​​you will spend a lot of time in Technobothnia, a top-quality teaching and research laboratory. There you will be able to take part in projects for companies and practice practical skills with equipment that is also used in the companies.

Energy sector and professions

As an Energy Technology Engineer, you master the whole game of energy technology and the rules of the game of energy trading. You work in international project management positions in the energy sector. Your job may be, for example, to design or build power plants. You can also work in sales positions or as an expert in international export companies abroad.

Your professional title could be:

  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Quality Engineer
  • Project Controller
  • Sales Engineer
  • Production Manager

Apply to study

More than 90% of Finland’s electricity and automation product development takes place in the Vaasa region, the largest energy cluster in the Nordic countries. VAMK offers a unique vantage point for engineering studies and monitoring the development of the field. Applying for Energy Technology takes place in Studyinfo from 28 August to 11 September 2024.

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