Future Electricity Networks

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Project information:

Official name of the project: Tulevaisuuden sähköverkot -koulutus (Future Electricity Networks Training)

Duration of the project: 1.2.2021 - 31.3.2023

Project coordinator: VAMK

Funding: Ministry of Education and Culture

Budget: 139 984 €

Contact person in VAMK:

Marko Iskala, Senior Lecturer (School of Technology)

tel. +358 207 663 333, marko.iskala@vamk.fi

Project code: OKM/267/522/2020

RDI platform: Smart Industry

Language: Finnish

Project description

In pursuit of a carbon-neutral society, the technologies and processes of electricity production, transmission and distribution are renewed. The government is committed to increasing the share of renewable energy, the networks are switching from fossil fuels to renewables, intelligence is increasing and energy storage technologies and energy transfer in both directions are being introduced. As energy production shifts from fossil sources to renewable distributed energy sources, the reliability of the grid will decrease without investments in smart solutions and energy storage. Finland is able to offer ready-made solutions in distributed energy environments worldwide with sufficient know-how. The utilization of smart solutions offered by Finnish companies reduces the use of energy and materials and thus worldwide carbon dioxide emissions by more than Finland’s share of the world’s emissions. It is possible and necessary for Finland to profile itself as both a leader and an exporter in electricity network technology.


VAMK is a key operator in the creation of industrial know-how in Ostrobothnia. The region’s industry has provided a good foundation for work-oriented higher education. The purpose of the project is to compile VAMK’s electrical network and energy expertise into a 15-credit training package and offer it nationwide to strengthen the skills of company employees and the unemployed. The training is held in Finnish and English. This also enables unemployed highly educated immigrants to continue their education and thus improve their employment opportunities. The training is carried out online as multi-format teaching. VAMK’s goal is to develop continuous learning paths that support industrial renewal and sustainable development. The project is a significant measure in the development of continuing education and open higher education. Education creates new skills and enables participation everywhere. The need for skills is developing rapidly, which is why old degrees also need to be supplemented.


The end result is both Finnish and English study courses for distance learning. The training materials include exercises, assignments, and tests. Vaasa University of Applied Sciences is currently holding lectures related to the electrical networks of the future education component, sprinkled in many different lecture components. In this project, the courses are expanded and concentrated into 5 credit units. The contents of the courses are developed in a way that they form an independent units and that they can be offered as continuing education for engineering students and as open education for those who have completed a university degree in engineering.

The project develops and implements a multidisciplinary continuing education package that strengthens the industry’s competence and renewal in sustainable development. The project also promotes the employment of engineers by strengthening expertise in the development and construction of energy storage and microgrids and hybrid production as well as hybrid networks. After the training, the participants have both know-how and better opportunities to be employed in both expert and project management positions in the electrical engineering industry.

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