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Project information:

Official name of the project: ROBOCOAST

Duration of the project: 1.10.2022 - 30.9.2025

Project coordinator: Porin Bridgetech

Project partners: UVA, UTU, JYU, VUAS, Jamk UAS, Lapland UAS, Oulu UAS, Centria UAS, Xamk UAS, Novia UAS, TUAS, Samk UAS, UC Pori, Tampere University, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius

Funding: ERDF

Project website:

RDI platform: Smart Industry

Language: English

Project description

ROBOCOAST EDIH is a Finnish non-profit consortium that has grown as a DIH to become a central gateway of the ecosystem for Industry 4.0 adoption, mainly for SMEs. It promotes the international competitiveness of the manufacturing export industry and its subcontracting networks by applying cybersecurity robotics, Al, Industry 4.0, 5G, HPC and Energy, as well as by leveraging the digital excellence of higher education institutions.

This project aims for ambitious operational efficiency to support the digital maturation of SMEs in manufacturing industries as well as helping them to access business and finance opportunities. Moreover, ROBOCOAST is looking forward to intensifying collaboration in its wide networks locally, nationally, and in Europe to accelerate green growth and digital transition.

ROBOCOAST supports the manufacturing industry to use digital technology to promote sustainable growth and competitiveness and offers one-stop access to EDIH services and networks of European best digital experts, which helps SMEs to become more skilled, innovative, and competitive.

It has local service nodes and expert resources in the nine regions of Finland, where almost 50% of Finnish manufacturing companies are located. Through EDIH services, ROBOCOAST EDIH services are designed to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry with the expertise of universities and technology companies.

ROBOCOAST consortium has high-level expertise in Cybersecurity and know-how to support companies to apply new digital technologies, such as Al, Robotics, loT, 5G, Industry 4.0, Energy Technology and HPC, for developing processes, products, and services. ROBOCOAST EDIH Consortium consists of 15 universities, including Vaasa University of Applied Siences, and several RDI laboratories and testbed environments, including over 9 000 digital technology specialists and over 800 Cybersecurity, Robotics, Al, and ICT companies.


Robocoast’s mission is to support digital transformation with key skills in cybersecurity, robotics, energy technology, artificial intelligence, data analytics, 5G, and the Internet of Things. It provides services to the export industry and other industries, as well as startups and high-tech companies. The products and services developed by the members focus on the export industry and their subcontracting chains, advanced manufacturing, information and communication technology and the energy sector. Robocoast also offers multidisciplinary cooperation in areas such as agriculture and health technology.

Robocoast’s core competencies are in robotics, cyber security, data analytics, artificial intelligence and IoT. Its goal is to promote the introduction and research of these technologies in companies in particular, and thereby enhance the digitalisation of the region’s strong export industry. Robocoast shares information about our stakeholder events and also organize the events ourselves.

ROBOCOAST ecosystem aims to support the EU’s new industrial strategy to increase companies’ competitiveness, green growth, and digital capacities. The EDIH focuses on the digitalization needs of the manufacturing industry. ROBOCOAST’s targets are well aligned with the fourth industrial revolution (and beyond), especially with the Finnish national Al 4.0 programme (since 2020) to accelerate the introduction of Al and other smart solutions to promote the sustainable digital transition of SMEs in collaboration with industries, public organizations, academia, and European networks.


In the short term, the ROBOCOAST will deliver trainings, events, networking and investment opportunities for companies and other stakeholders. As ROBOCOAST improves access to training, resources and networks, it will improve the capabilities in its region related to cybersecurity, Al, robotics and energy transformation.

At the end of the project, a balanced network of ROBOCOAST will cover all regions in Europe, addressing the needs of the public and private sectors, including all economic sectors, offering a wide range of digital transformation services, with special focus on cybersecurity.

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