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Project information:

Official name of the project: MYRSKY - Yritysten muutoskyvykkyys, vihreä siirtymä ja digitalisaatio Länsi-Suomessa (Supporting the Resilience, Digitalization and Green Transition of SMEs, REACT Western Finland)

Duration of the project: 1.11.2022 - 31.12.2023

Project coordinator: TAMK

Project partners: Centria, SeAMK, Turku AMK, VAMK, JAMK, SAMK, Novia

Funding: European Social Fund / REACT-EU

Budget: 2 015 980 €

Contact person in VAMK:

Tanja-Maria Davidov, Project Manager (Academic Services)

tel. +358 207 663 660,

Project code: S22914

Language: Finnish

Project description

Sudden changes (Covid-19, war in Ukraine, energy crisis) in the business environment during the recent times have significantly affected the operational preconditions of SME’s. In order to maintain the competitiveness in the process of changes, resilience and transformational capabilities are essential features to the companies. It is vital that the strong research, educational and development organizations competences are utilized fully in the process of getting into the growth path of SME’s in the new normal era. Research and development results and outcomes need to be fully available for the companies and competences produced by education are efficiently meeting the needs of business life. Furthermore, companies need to be aware of these possibilities. The project is financed from the appropriations of the REACT-EU instrument, as part of the measures implemented by the European Union in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The aim of this project is to support the SME’s of Western Finland in the Covid-19 and other crisis recovery, renewal and resilience (RRR) development by offering micro-credentials and sparring to promote the required skills and competences of the staff and management in the changing environment. The project is implemented by network of Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in the region of Western Finland. Project implementation includes themes related to green transition and sustainability.

Nationally total of 22 UAS will work together to provide fast track actions to SME’s to promote recovery and resilience especially under themes of green transition, transformational capabilities and digitalisation. National micro-credential modules (< 3 ECTS) will be collected to a common platform and implemented in collaboration with national and regional Chambers of Commerce, Suomen Yrittäjät and regional entrepreneurial associations. UAS’s will provide a common platform where companies can find the modules and micro-credentials that can be carried out independently from time and place. UAS’s will also create the link between the course offerings of Suomen Yrittäjät and our offerings. Furthermore, Western Finland-scale info and sparring events will be organized. As a regional action, every UAS will implement their own development actions meeting the needs of SME’s and in accordance with regional programmes.


Aa a result of this project the resilience and transformational capability of companies is improved, and they will get more competences to renew their operations. Furthermore, micro- and SME’s the threshold of cooperating with UAS’s is lowered and companies can identify and utilize UAS’s even better as development partners in terms of competence development, funding applications and operational development. In addition, the micro-study units promote companies’ capabilities, competence and ability to change. During the project, the universities of applied sciences will create a close cooperation with the educational offering maintained by Suomen Yrittäjät, which will also result in information and sparring sessions for companies held in large regions.


Authors' Evening tour 17.10.2023

Did you hear about the Authors’ Evening tour coming to Vaasa on 17.10.?

There has been a Marketing and Sales Evening Tour for entrepreneurs and now the Tekijäiltamat tour is adding a cork to the nest! The evening will go through the best proven sales and marketing tactics and share insights on how to get things done!

The author evenings cover the basics as well as simple small tactics, without forgetting the effectiveness of the much-hyped AI, so there’s always content for the old hands and the newbies of the business world alike.

The event will be held with the support of MYRSKY in the Florence auditorium of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, Alere, starting at 16:00!

Come and get the right tools and light your own fire!

For more information and to register, click here:

The future of business - from carbon footprint to artificial intelligence 20.9.2023

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, together with Novia, is organising on 20.9.2023 a Future of Business – From Carbon Footprint to Artificial Intelligence event for micro and small businesses and entrepreneurs.

The event is suitable for companies and entrepreneurs whose processes need updating and who want to prepare for the future requirements in the areas of carbon footprint, sustainability, digitalisation and artificial intelligence. The event will discuss these themes and provide business examples of how they can be applied in the business world.

Speakers will include:

🎙 Asseri Laitinen, Vaasa University of Applied Sciences
🎙 Sanna-Mari Kaakinen, ABB Smart Power
🎙 Daniel Asplund, Ekeri Oy
🎙 Jussi Mankki, Twoday
🎙 Rauno Saarnio, XR Presence
🎙 Tobias Björkskog, Korsholms AR App & Novia

🔋 Also as an extra, Tor Stendahl from FREYR Battery will be the lunch speaker at the event.

The event will take place on 20.9.2023 from 9.30am to 3.30pm at Bock’s, Gerbyntie 16.Although it is a full day event, it is possible to attend either the morning or the afternoon in addition to the full day, so even busy entrepreneurs can participate!

With no less than four different themes, there’s something for everyone!

The event will be held in both national languages.Myrsky yritysten muutoskyvykkyys, vihreä siirtymä ja digitalisaatio länsi suomessa hanke rahoitetaan react eu välineen määrärahoista osana unionin covid 19 pandemian johdosta toteuttamia toimia. (1)

YoungTalk23 8.8.2023

YoungTalk23 will take place for the fourth time on 8 August 2023 under the theme International Talents and SME´s – The Evening of Solutions, and is part of the Wasa Future Festival. YoungTalk23 will seek solutions together with companies and international talents on how to make Finland attractive to foreign talents. Both companies and international talents will have their say, voicing their own perspectives, which will be used to find solutions to attract and retain talents, both new and old.

The event will feature inspiring speakers such as parliament member Joakim Strand, Doctoral Researcher Arshed Iqbal , Project Researcher Tomi Paalosmaa and Chief Executive Officer of Vilpe Tuomas Saikkonen, who will discuss Get Inspired: How to make our region globally interesting for young smart people?

In addition, there will be short talks throughout the day by MOOC Project Coordinator Hagar Elbarbary from Hanken, Chief Executive Officer of Vilpe Tuomas Saikkonen and student Yue Zhang (Samantha) from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences.

The event will not only discuss solutions for attracting talent, but also share success stories with  Heidi Saarisen, HR Generalist at Danfoss and Samuli Kuusisto, Sales Development Director at Uwira.

The event will be organised as a sit-down session, each with representation from SMEs and international talent, so networking and interactivity are guaranteed.

You can register for the event here. Registration is requested for the catering.

For more information on YoungTalk23, click here, while for more information on the Wasa Future Festival, of which YoungTalk23 is a part, click here.

Inspiration seminar 10.5.2023

Vaasa University of Applied Sciences, together with Centria and Novia, will organise an inspiring event entitled “Effectively at a distance? Remote and Hybrid Development in Business – Inspiration Seminar. In our event, top speakers and experts will introduce the audience to ways of making remote participation come alive and discuss the impact of remote working on corporate culture and business performance.

Expert speakers and topics include:

  • Heikki Kossi (H5 Film Sound Oy Ltd) – Remote working in creative processes
  • Jonas Rajanto (Grape People) – Remote interaction requires a conscious effort
  • Tomi Kaukinen (Licence to Fail) – What if I choose wrong? A story of wrong choices, failures and entrepreneurship
  • Tim Wallin (Gambit) – Distance and hybrid work: impact on company culture and performance

Participation has been made easy as the event will be held simultaneously in Vaasa, Kokkola and, in keeping with its theme, remotely

Event addresses:

Wasa Innovation Center, Gerbyntie 16, Vaasa
Centria University of Applied Sciences, Talonpojankatu 2, Kokkola

The remote link is available after registration. The event is bilingual and free of charge.

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